She And Her Friends Saved My Life In Assam


I recently visited the beautiful city of Guwahati for a project and to do heart-to-heart communication with our sisters and brothers from the north-east part of India.

We, from this part of the country, are quite ignorant and seldom connect with people from faraway places; in India. We have friends from across the globe but rarely from the north-east part. This is what I wanted to change in my recent trip to the most beautiful and unexplored part of our country.

A distant friend introduced me to this angel—not in disguise—in the capital city of the abode of clouds.

Her name is Kabita Joshi.

We spoke for more than half hour before planning the trip and she was super-helpful in connecting me with youth across north-east of India. We decided to meet in a café near her home. She was accompanied by few more friends—Prakash, Suraj, Saman and Nandeep. We spoke with each other for more than an hour until a miracle happened.

I was feeling acute stomach pain. I don’t know what the reason was but I was almost dead. I asked one of them to call my family doctor. One of her friend, called up the doctor and brought me some medicines that didn’t work well for me. I was almost unconscious and on the advice of the doctor, they took me to a nearby hospital; they took a cab, put me in, filled the admission form, spoke with my family doctor, got the required medicines and did all other formalities with the hospital.

I was alright in a while but the loving-kindness displayed by these new friends have made a deep impact in my heart. Their courage and loving attitude saved my life that day. Not only this, she also insisted that I spent the night at her home where her mother gave me all her love and delicious-healthy food.

I can never forget this miraculous incident.

I was a stranger for them but they really proved that GUEST IS GOD in India and this is strictly followed throughout the country, especially in the region of Assam. I have deep gratitude for them and now they’re my family for a life time.

She’s Making Young Girls Believe In Themselves


I recently visited the beautiful city of Shillong for a project and to do heart-to-heart communication with our sisters and brothers from the north-east part of India.

We, from this part of the country, are quite ignorant and seldom connect with people from faraway places; in India. We have friends from across the globe but rarely from the north-east part. This is what I wanted to change in my recent trip to the most beautiful and unexplored part of our country.

A distant friend introduced me to this angel—not in disguise—in the capital city of the abode of clouds.

Her name is Olivia Deka.

We spoke for more than half hour before planning the trip and she was super-helpful in connecting me with many youth communities in her city; as the project required a lot of networking with the youth.

The sad part is that I couldn’t even meet her for 5 minutes in her city but her support and kindness was inconvincible and unprecedented. She’s a super-busy woman and hence I did not feel the pinch of not meeting her but I am connected to her on social media and keep watching her magnificent service every day.

She’s a vibrant change-maker with a heart full of loving-kindness and compassion. She works for empowering women of her region. She’s mentoring women to see dreams and achieve it.

And believe me, her smile is something anyone can die for!

I am not sure if anyone comes to support a stranger like she did. Have you seen anyone? If yes, please do let me know about the story.

I have interacted with youth from the north-east part of India and I always find them simple, loving, kind and compassionate. I am really sad that we never connect with each other.

My life now-a-days is all about connections.

Olivia has taken a special place in my heart. Although, we have not met personally, it feels that we have a connection since ages. I am sure with such people like her; the renaissance of peace is around the corner.


While My Parents Were Dying, I Was Living On Her TV Serial

It was during 1995 when Ravi Rai—the man who revolutionized Indian television—launched Sailaab on Zee TV. This television serial took away hearts of millions of youth; including me. I was just 15 then, fresh in college and the zephyr—sorry, but I just got to know about this word and can’t resist using it—touched me too.


The almost first love and this television serial was the rage of my life back then. That television serial had been my all-time favorite till I saw this television serial named Jackson Heights; in 2015. By this time, I was 35 and had made a false conclusion that there can’t be any other better story-teller than Ravi; especially on television and there can’t be any other serial better than Sailaab.

But I was proved wrong, and I am glad I was.

The person or the television serial that proved me wrong needs no introduction. In fact, I maybe the last one talking about it.

I am such a fool.

The director of the television serial Jackson Heights needs no introduction from a drugged mushroom like me. One can find 10^63 articles on her; on the internet. Her glory and appreciation is all over the internet. She or her work doesn’t need any introduction. Then, why am I writing this blog post?

Good question.

The answer is simple. I am writing this blog post because you’ll not find my perspective in those articles. This is my blog and you’ll find my reflection about her because Mehreen Jabbar has left a deep impact in my life.


And believe me this blog post isn’t about glorifying her work or something like that. That the whole world is talking but this blog post is something personal and goes beyond glorification.

I have seen some of her films and other television serials—and strongly suggest you to do so. She has a magic in her that others don’t; in my opinion. She chooses the right characters for the right story and puts in the tight moments that take your breath away.

You might also miss a heartbeat or two while watching some of her television serials. I promise.

It was 2015. Both my parents were in hospital and both were taking their last breaths; while waiting for death to arrive. Like a good soon, I was around 24 X 7 but like a regular human—helpless. There was nothing much that could have been done so my task was just to hang around. This is the time that I had to pass a lot of time and my friend Sonal suggested me to watch Jackson Heights on internet.


Immediately, I watched the first episode she sent me and I was hooked up after watching it. The story and the characters were so real and so relevant. Each character was designed so beautifully with his or her private traps. I have become a lifetime fan of the taxi-driver played by Noman Ijaz.

I used to watch few episodes everyday along with my wife. It was the only thing that gave us solace I this hour of examination and turmoil.

This television serial—along with my dying parents—had become my life. It became an integral part of my life. So much that, the end time of both the parallels were almost same. Both, the television serial and my parents came to an end together.

Such is life.

This is the power of a beautiful creation; it becomes your life. You can’t tell that it is in you or you are in it.

But whatever happened, had to happen. It’s all for the best.

Not that all the credit can be given to the director alone, because it’s huge team effort but the director, as a thread, hold all the pearls together. Also, not that Sailaab is not my favorite anymore but Jackson Heights has also taken that top place.

There’s no point comparing because both of them are different and same in many ways. But, Mehreen has certainly made a special place in my heart.


Some people are born once in an aoen; only once. Mehreen is one of them. I feel same for other people from different fields. Although, we all are unique but blessed are the ones who you feel to meet once before you die.

These are the people who are legends!

My mother had this feeling for Bollywood star of the millennium and I made her dream come true before she could leave her body.

I wish I can meet her once and take her autograph in my autograph book. Sorry, I am one of those ancient types but I have autographs of many whom I have admired; a lot of them.

Another aspect of Mehreen is that her work has bought two countries together. We had been watching Pakistani dramas before but her television serials bought a revolution in common households. Suddenly, everyone is talking about Pakistani television now-a-days. Maybe there’s not much love for cross-border relations but there are names of television serials on everyone’s tongue; and some of them are directed by her.

Isn’t this magic?

I think it’s pure magic that something beautiful is being created that wasn’t possible  by the governments—of both countries—in more than seven decades.

The canvas of love and indifference is changing.

I believe that the renaissance of peace is around the corner; especially with creators, thinkers and artist like Mehreen—I see a lot of hope, compassion and loving-kindness.



She’s Not My Better Half, But Equal Half

This blog post is a special one. It’s on the energy and inspiration that made me create this blog in 2017.

Any guesses?

ये तो यारों सबको पता है,
वह तो मेरे दिल में रहता है |

If you’re answer is wife, maybe you’re right to an extent but not exactly right. She’s more of a best friend other than being my wife.


She’s Bindiya Kapoor. The light of my life.

तुझे ही तो मैं रोशन हुआ हूँ,
पहली तो सिर्फ आग ही थी |

We have known each other since 2002. We met while I was working in an animation studio and we got introduced through a common friend. She came to me seeking guidance to enter the universe of computer graphics.

I remember the first day when I met her with her elder sister. My heart had fallen for her and I have not picked it up since then. We became good friends but was out of touch for a long time.

We were never shared a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship but always were close friends. There was so much in common that we really never felt part. There’s also another story why we were out of touch for a long time but that’s another blog post.

ना तू मिली, ना मैं हुआ गुम,
कुछ अलग ही है हम-तुम |

I was in and out of relationships during my official youth but she’s the one who was always with me. our hearts felt something soulful and decided to get married in 2010. The best or weird part is that we never proposed to each other as such—the feeling was mutual.

agastya weds bindiya.jpg

The pool-side marriage took place on March 21st, 2010 in a Hotel Ramada near my home. It was a small function with 100 selected people from both sides. She had made it clear that we use our own savings for the function and nothing should be taken from parents or friends.

I really consider ourselves as soul-mates rather than husband-wife and that is the reason we never see each other as better than each other. I feel that a relation is true and powerful when both are equal; not better or otherwise—not even in a wordplay.


She has been quite evolved from the beginning and later inspired me do a lot of stuff that ignited my evolution. It has only made me a better person than yesterday.

मेरे सवाल का यही एक हल था,
तुझसे पहले कुछ कम में कल था |

Apart from being loving-kind person, she’s also an excellent cook and a host. The best part is that she never-ever entered kitchen before marriage but when we shifted to our new home, she practiced the art and craft of cooking and she’s a master in my eyes.

I don’t think any words will do justice to describe her. Not even a lifetime.

I’ll always be indebted to her for igniting the spark in me to take my 4-year long sabbatical that has helped me to become a better human in all areas of life.


bindiya in car.jpg

She’s fearless and has made me the same. I wan to dedicate a small poem to her in this blog post:

कुछ तो कमी थी जीने में,
तूने मुझे मुक़म्मल बना दिया |
वैसे ही कुछ कैफ़ियात थी,
तूने और भी पागल बना दिया |

This blog post is a eternal tribute on my best friend, philosopher and guide. And guess what?!

My blood group is AB+ and that is the perfect example of the divine design of why are we together; forever for many births to come.


India’s New Superhero With Mental Superpowers!

I met Mohit Rao some years back regarding a project which never turned into a reality. But something else happened. I came to know a peculiar human and I never knew such a human existed in India.

I had read about various peculiar people from different countries but met someone who uses the power of mind for the first time in Mumbai. He’s a mind expert and an entertainer.

What a deadly combination!


He has the ability to read your mind, control thoughts and even influence decisions—a rare talent. He’s always doing radical shows in some country.


The corporate world loves him but the stock market is sacred of him. He’s known to have been the one to predict exact closing of the BSE Sensex on live national television.


I don’t who whether he has some special gifts or he’s the chosen one but he told me and my wife what’s going in our head as we were talking to him. One can find several articles about him on the internet but I consider myself fortunate to have met him in person.

I really want to learn about his personal and private life. That would be interesting—this corporate show or stock market predictions doesn’t excite me much. He’s a man who can control his and other’s mind.

People might be really afraid of him. Some might event think that he’s unnatural or maybe an alien.

Life of a mentalist and clairvoyant is full of adventures and colors. I hope to meet him one more time and talk about the adventures he’s having in his life at the moment; including the expensive car he just bought!

There are many lessons to be learnt from such men of pride and honor. For me, Mohit is really like one of the super-heroes out of the comic books that touch the heart. He has some crazy super-powers like all my favorite super-heroes!

The Veteran Healer In God’s Own Country

In 2001, I was on a short sabbatical and traveling to New Delhi from Mumbai; in train. Our Indian trains are really one of the wonders of the world. If you don’t believe me, get on it once. Nothing bad, it’s just really a joyful roller-coaster ride.

I was traveling in class II sleeper coach where there are usually double the people than the seats. The journey was of around 1,200 km and there it was vacation time. So, it felt like all the 1.072 billion were in that coach. I was enjoying as usual. The heat was killing and we were passing the hottest zone of the country.

On a particular station, a small group of young men entered the coach with a blast. They were strong, stiff and disciplined headed by another young man who was a little older than the others. I figured that these are military men but was reluctant, and little afraid, to ask.

My curiosity was increasing, I had to do something to get the answers. So, I gathered all my courage and asked the elder man about their existence. To my surprise, I was right and they belonged to the military—Indian Air Force.

I greeted the group with a salute and we started talking. In a little while, I came to know that they couldn’t manage a reservation and would be covering the entire journey standing or sitting near the corridor. I was upset about this fact that our soldiers are guarding us all day and night but we don’t even have few seats for them. While I was thinking all of this, my heart told me to stop blaming and BE THE CHANGE!

I took a spontaneous decision and offered my seat to all the officers. It wasn’t a long seat but good enough to seat all of us. The group head agreed—not easily—after learning my selfless intentions. We all sat on the seat the whole evening and night till next morning.

In the group was LAC Kiran Bose.

Kiran was one of the first military officers whom I interacted for such a long time. He was huge, powerful like a mountain and soft, compassionate like a fruit. He spoke with respectful language and with utter confidence. His team was equally disciplined, soft-spoken and little naughty.

After they got down at their station, Kiran invited me to their camp to spend few days with them.

I visited their camp upon his genuine request. I was welcome by my new friend and was assigned a cot in their billet. I did some time-pass in the day and in the night we had several rounds of rum along with unforgettable conversations.

The next day we went to see The Garden City of India for the first time; on his motorcycle. It was such a glorious moment to ride with an officer.


It’s 2018 now and he has retired from his 20 years short service and has become a healer. He runs a holistic center near his hometown; fondly called in God’s own country. In fact, after his service, he got a job in Australia but he wanted to stay in India to do something on his own and serve the country.

Such is his story of valor, loyalty, and goodness. I salute to such men of honor who not only safeguard our nation but also make us feel proud all the time.

I have traveled widely in India by train and always have noticed military men standing the whole night without getting a berth to sleep or sit. From that day, I made myself a promise that whenever I travel, I’ll offer my berth to any such military officer who is facing reservation issues

The Boss Who Never Was

Hey, don’t call me sir, my name is Arish. You can call me that.

These are the first words I heard from this man on my first day of job in the animation studio I worked for 10 years.

Man, those were the days. Past glory but it was for real.

I was damn excited because it was a Hollywood based studio and I always wanted to work on international projects, and I got an opportunity to get into one; after a 5-day test period.

In the studio, I found my first professional mentor—Arish Fyzee. Although, I had some years of experience before joining but I never had any mentor as such. For the first time I was interacting with someone having decades of international experience and finesse.


I think Arish has been working in the creative industry before I was born and he has done some fantastic work with people across the globe.

Many know him on this planet but I was fortunate to work with him day and night while the stdio was being set-up. I used to stay in the studio itself and he was our boss.

After working with Arish, I came to know about visual story-telling in ways that I never could have imagined. He’s the only creative man whom I have never seen in anger; anytime in 10 years.


On the outside he was our boss but on the inside, he still is a good friend. And he still call me that when we meet.


And you know what?

He’s the man behind the team who made the dragon for GOT. Around 800 visual artists made this possible—in Mumbai—under his wings.

I remember many beautiful little moments of joy; like drinking beer with him in the studio.

You must be wondering what’s so great in that?

But it was at that time.

I had never seen anyone drinking beer with the founder of the studio in those days. And Arish was a big-man from Hollywood and I never thought that he would be such a simple and humble man to drink a beer with his employees.

I was really scared but he made it so comfortable. Now this is a quality of noble men. They make life so easy for people around them.

But there’s more.

He’s a neighbor to Ratan Tata. For my foreign reader who don’t know who Ratan is, he’s the mega-industrialist and philanthropist of India. And Arish has been closely associated with the Tata family since childhood.

Once my toy was broken and I was feeling bad. JRD Tata called me to his workshop and fixed my toy personally.

Sometime he tells me about some moments from past glory when we meet at some party. I really want to explore more of his personal experiences but he’s an extremely busy man.

I don’t think anyone gets his appointment now-a-days. Luckily, I have taken his autograph.


In another incident, I was partying with the team in Mumbai’s popular revolving restaurant. We requested Arish to come at the venue for a while.


I was in touch with his driver and I went down at the reception to receive him. One staff was watching me and asked me if I needed any assistance. I just told him that I am waiting for our boss. He asked me his name.

As soon as I said the name, he panicked and told that he’s a regular member of the hotel and ran to make some arrangements. He came for a while, and together we had one of his favorite whiskey—Teacher’s.

This is his fame and grace.

He was always interested in visual story-telling and went to Canada to study further. Although, coming from an elite family background, he did odd jobs to fund his education. and after graduation,  he spent a whole year sailing—he and two school-mates built a 30-foot sailboat and sailed around the world.

Such is the story of a man who comes once in an era—the creative master and a magnanimously humble man.

I call him the युगपुरुष.

We’re not in touch now-a-days but I send him birthday wished every year through electronic mail.

Elvis and Arish share the same birth-date.

My friend—Thank you so much for your thoughts and wishes. I am not sure I have the power to bring happiness to others, but if I can push people to discover their own happiness within them, I have done my part.

This is one response I got on my birthday message in 2008.