Arey Dikra, Let’s PARSI!

Percy, Pearl, Monaaz, Tinaaz, Zarin, Behram, Khusham, Minoo, Dinaz, Golom, Meher, Shireen, Natasha, Delna, Oorvazi, Nainaz, Zubin, Kaizad, Yezdi, Dinyar, Arish and all such names are ringing in my head since morning! Why? Today is Persian new year. As I raised my hands to wish my Parsi friends, on social media, I'd a better idea. … Continue reading Arey Dikra, Let’s PARSI!

The Only Friend I Asked For an Autograph

It was the first day of junior college in 1995. The college was a beautiful one near the Arabian Sea in Mumbai. I was quite anxious as college life was completely a new universe for me. I came from a low-income family from far suburb and the college was filled with children from the elite … Continue reading The Only Friend I Asked For an Autograph

Empowering With Cinema

Oorvazi Irani is an independent film-maker, film educationalist, and acting coach based in Mumbai besides being the Director of her home production media company SBI Impresario Pvt. Ltd., incorporated by her father Sorab Irani in 1975. As a pioneer, she's the only International Baccalaureate film teacher in Mumbai, and she understands the need for young minds to be nurtured into the … Continue reading Empowering With Cinema