She and Her Friends Saved My Life In Assam

I recently visited the beautiful city of Guwahati for a project and to do heart-to-heart communication with our sisters and brothers from the north-east part of India.

We, from this part of the country, are quite ignorant and seldom connect with people from faraway places; in India. We’ve got friends from across the globe but rarely from the north-east part. This is what I wanted to change in my recent trip to the most beautiful and unexplored part of our country.

A distant friend introduced me to this angel — not in disguise — in the capital city of the abode of clouds.

Her name is Kabita Joshi.

We spoke for more than half an hour before planning the trip and she was super-helpful in connecting me with youth across north-east of India. We decided to meet in a café near her home. She was accompanied by a few more friends — Prakash, Suraj, Saman, and Nandeep. We spoke with each other for more than an hour until a miracle happened.

I was feeling acute stomach pain. I don’t know what the reason was but I was almost dead. I asked one of them to call my family doctor. One of her friends called up the doctor and brought me some medicines that didn’t work well for me.

I was almost unconscious and on the advice of the doctor, they took me to a nearby hospital; they took a cab, put me in, filled the admission form, spoke with my family doctor, got the required medicines, and did all other formalities with the hospital.

I was alright in a while but the loving-kindness displayed by these new friends has made a deep impact in my heart. Their courage and loving attitude saved my life that day. Not only this, but she also insisted that I spent the night at her home where her mother gave me all her love and delicious healthy food.

I can never forget this miraculous incident.

I was a stranger to them but they proved that GUEST IS GOD in India and this is strictly followed throughout the country, especially in the region of Assam. I’ve got deep gratitude for them and now they’re my family for a lifetime.

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