She’s Making Young Girls Believe In Themselves

I recently visited the beautiful city of Shillong for a project and to do heart-to-heart communication with our sisters and brothers from the north-east part of India.

We, from this part of the country, are quite ignorant and seldom connect with people from faraway places; in India. We’ve got friends from across the globe but rarely from the north-east part. This is what I wanted to change in my recent trip to the most beautiful and unexplored part of our country.

A distant friend introduced me to this angel — not in disguise — in the capital city of the abode of clouds.

Her name is Olivia Deka.

We spoke for more than half an hour before planning the trip and she was super-helpful in connecting me with many youth communities in her city; as the project required a lot of networking with the youth.

The sad part is that I couldn’t even meet her for five minutes in her city but her support and kindness were inconvincible and unprecedented. She’s a super-busy woman and hence I did not feel the pinch of not meeting her but I’m connected to her on social media and keep watching her magnificent service every day.

She’s a vibrant change-maker with a heart full of loving-kindness and compassion. She works for empowering women in her region. She’s mentoring women to see dreams and achieve them.

And believe me, her smile is something anyone can die for!

I ain’t sure if anyone comes to support a stranger as she did. Have you seen anyone? If yes, please do let me know about the story.

I’ve interacted with youth from the north-east part of India and I always find them simple, loving, kind, and compassionate. I’m really sad that we never connect.

My life nowadays is all about connections.

Olivia has taken a special place in my heart. Although we haven’t met personally, it feels that we’ve got a connection with ages. I’m sure with such people like her; the renaissance of peace is around the corner.


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