My Dear Scientist Friend, Gratitude

I was mad over scientists and wanted to meet one. There was no opportunity before 2010 till I met Debjyoti Bardhan is a science popularization seminar organized in Prithvi Theatre by TIFR. The seminar provides a forum for informal discussions of interesting scientific issues outside a traditional academic setting.

I was a regular attendee until few years but I met many scientists through these seminars and Debjyoti has been the most cooperative one. He’s a particle physicist and has just completed his Ph.D. in high energy physics and moving to China for a post-doctorate.

A particle physicist is someone who looks to see how these particles exist and interact. Similarly, Debjyoti is an excellent human who not only has radical views about humanity — kindness, compassion, gratitude — but also is a generous friend. Although we’ve never interacted too much, due to his busy schedule, he always made time for me and my stupid questions.

I’ve got high regard for this scientist’s friend. He’s one of the designers of my life who has taught me to think the scientific way. He has helped me look at difficult topics like God, death, happiness, energy, soul, etc. using a scientific method; free of speculations and out-dated traditional beliefs. I think this is because he has read many ancient scriptures and understands the right balance between science and ancient wisdom.

Most people say that it’s the intellect that makes a great scientist but, I think it’s character. He has taught me that science isn’t only a discipline of reason but, also, one of romance and passion.

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