Iranian Al Pacino

Welcome to my smoke parlor!

I was just peeping into a shop to see the colorful waterpipe-smoke-giving ancient machine, commonly called a hookah.

It was an ancient shop full of these hookahs and pipes and the owner was an amazing jolly good Iranian uncle named Ali Yezdi. I was very attracted to his charming persona and then started a wonderful journey of conversation.

First, he told us about why his surname is like that. His ancestors came from a place called Yazd in Iran and they settled in India; a long time ago.

Smoking a hookah is nothing like smoking a cigarette. Cigarettes are for people on the run, hookah is for shaukeen people. It gives you time and a class.

Hookah, also called a water-pipe was first made in Iran out of a coconut, later the Arabs spread it. It’s a single or multi-stemmed — often glass-based — water pipe device for smoking. It operates by water filtration and indirect heat.

It can be used for smoking herbal fruits, there’re a lot of different flavors. This was completely new information to me and I was thrilled. The best part was that his shop doesn’t have a name-board on top.

I don’t need a name-board.

This man surely took my breath away with his enticing way of talking with some Persian phrases and a unique style of something like Al Pacino type talking. He seemed quite from a wealthy family but for me he was an impressive man.

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