The Only OSCAR WINNER From My Facebook Friend List

Only a few are lucky enough.

I believe in the above quote to a great extent. Not everyone has the combination of talent, opportunity, hard-work, and luck. But Provash Paul really does.

I met Provash while working in the animation studio I worked for 10 years.  He was in the modeling department. He was kick-ass at his art and craft of making human models in computer software.

We’re not known to each other and I used to find him quite weird because of his habit of wearing a headphone around his neck; for all the time he was in the studio. It was strange for me but today, inspired by him, I do the same.

We worked together for some years; especially when we started an in-house training academy to provide industry training to students—he provided a neat curriculum for the training program.

Later, he shifted to another studio and worked in various Hollywood films. One such film was The Jungle Book that won the 2017 Academy Awards for Best Visual Effects. The featured image is the one they took in the studio, and believe me one has to be really lucky to have a picture next to the prestigious award.

This may be one of his many achievements but it’s also an achievement—for me—to be his friend. I also consider myself as really lucky to have such a friend who has won such an accolade.

And whenever someone asks me about the weird habit of putting the headphone around my neck all day, I remember this friend of mine.

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