OMG! I’ve Got a Style Diva in My Friend List!




It’s a new beginning of my writing style. For the first time in life, I’m giving out the name of the protagonist at the beginning itself.


Because I can’t resist the heat that’s why. And you won’t after you read this boiling blog post on her.

Anita was my school friend who I met for the first time in 22 years of my school life.


Actually, we made a WhatsApp group earlier this year — 2017 — to connect with school friends. I met her here for the first time and since then I’ve seen various versions of her, what we can call as a persona.


I was impressed to see all her avatars and one day finally, I got the chance to meet her in person.

Being a simpleton, I was quite scared to face her. From a distance, she looks like that violent sky you can never touch but on the inside, she’s a placid pond — full of stillness and offering for all.

She hugged me as soon as we met. Her whole body, mind, and soul were so welcoming that I’d to lose myself in her universe. We sat and talked about so many things in life — from school to being a style diva.


She’s gaga over blacks and whites, but it’s nice to put this in her words. She uses the word fetish to describe her likeness for blacks and white too.

Her life journey has been extremely fascinating to me but she seemed to be more interested in my colorful saga. But whatever said and done, she has an exclusive taste of possessions and a warm heart to give it away as well.


No matter how busy Anita is, she finds time to do random acts of kindness; like teaching English to children.


Along with the style diva tag, she’s also a compassionate mother, wife, daughter, and friend. She manages to give maximum time for her children which is the fundamental requirement in this era.

Although, I’m opposite to her — in fashion and sensibilities — our hearts beat at similar little moments of joy, our heart melts for the same causes and our hearts have a huge parking space.

And the best part is that I’ve got her in my friend list!

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