The Weaver of a Billion Dreams

Today marks three years of Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister or, as he says, Prime Servant of India. No article may do justice to describe this man and his work, but this is my humble effort to write a few lines on him. Lovers — don’t get excited and Haters — don’t feel ecstasy, this article is from a neutral perspective and strictly from my point-of-view.

Narendrabhai comes from humble family background and the whole world knows that he used to sell tea; in his childhood. Many mock this, many admire this but what is lesser known that he was an intelligent speaker and always had a side of philosophical inquiry that led him to travel widely across the country.

He has spent a large time in his life traveling, meeting hermitage, intellectual people, and reading ancient scriptures.

There’re, maybe, a lot of allegations on him, as in the case of all famous and successful people, but there is some magic in his style of expression. When I was a child, Rajiv Gandhi was our Prime Minister. He was the one whom we all used to listen carefully on radio and television. Cut to, 23 years later, I found myself again on radio listening to our new Prime Minister — didn’t hear or see anyone in middle years.

In my limited knowledge and understanding, many things happened for the first time. For the first time, someone said that he was a Prime Servant. For the first time, someone was so confident. For the first time, someone was so fluent; especially in Hindi. For the first time, someone spoke with the heart without reading a script; although sometimes he uses transparent readers for English speakers. For the first time, someone made cleanliness a national agenda. For the first time, someone visited, near and far, neighbors to live the spirit of a global village. For the first time, someone used digital media to a large extent. For the first time, someone connected and inspired the youth to come ahead to serve the country using technology and social media. For the first time, someone has woven dreams that look real, looks achievable with united efforts. For the first time, someone has — and his family — a humble lifestyle after reaching such a position.


His brother runs a small old age home in his native place and I was the lucky one to visit there during my no-money walking pilgrimage. It’s a humble space. I was welcomed and given food and love by the staff and elders. All the elders have high regards for Narendrabhai and his brothers and I don’t think the feeling is false.

I agree that there might be hundreds of flaws in him and maybe, some of his decisions went astray but who doesn’t have flaws? I also agree that the best can also be better and he can better his ways and style of governance. There can be more transparency, more speed, and more honesty while serving the nation.

There’re many more things that can be much better; not that I know but people always have expert comments. Hence, I believe that there has to be a better way than the existing one.

The one thing that I don’t like about him is that he always compares and criticizes other political parties. I wish my message can reach him and he can do something to change that; if it’s required.

One interesting thing that I noticed was that India slipped to 122nd position — from 118th — as per the Global Happiness Report. But this also may be due to various other reasons. The one the thing I admire most is his conviction and hark-work with which he wants to serve the nation; or as some say work for some personal agenda. I don’t know, really don’t know what’s going on in his head. Only he knows and no one else — neither lover nor haters.

Change is always violent.

Nilesh Sardesai

I personally believe in the above quote and feel that it’s going to take a lot of frustration, rejection, unity, and disapproval for us to transform into a clean, green and united nation.

We’re drenched in hypocrisy and corruption — internal and external — since time immemorial. It’s going to take more than one man, one political party to bring out our best as a nation. This is one good chance to build a supreme, happy nation. Who knows we might not get another chance?


Nevertheless, coming back to our topic, this man is a युगपुरुष; for good or bad, only the almighty knows but such people only come once in an era. He, like all of us, has his side share of misdeeds, secrets, strength, weakness, compassion, desires, values, visions, ideas, madness, failures and all of that.

What he’s in real might remain an enigma for me but I feel really inspired to have such a leader in my lifetime. And, I’ll not judge him unless I’m perfect.

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