The YOLO Ambassador

How many times in life have you heard your heart? How many times have you followed it? How many of us have a bucket list in life? How many of us tick the done ones?

I guess, for most of us, the number is short. There’re various reasons for not listening and following the heart. Each of us has their private traps that no one knows about.

Then some dare.

These are the ones who listen to and follow their heart.

One such superhuman is Bhavika Samant from Mumbai.

Recently, she just clicked one item from her bucket list. She did what she wanted to do and in fact, most of us wish to do — skydiving. It’s a rare opportunity to fly like a bird but you can create it if you want.

Bhavika experienced skydiving in Prague which is one of Europe’s most charming, colorful, and beautiful cities.

But that isn’t what excites me.

What excites me that she took that dive. The dive of inspiration and encouragement for many who don’t follow their heart. The joy on her face tells the story of a magical moment. Suddenly, she has ignited a ray of hope and high energy in our group. The group is dancing in joy. Plans are coming up for similar activities. The heart is beating fast. There’s a wave of excitement. There’s a mind-shift.

One of my favorite songs that goes with the mood.

The picture of her skydiving gives out an important message. The message for me is the importance of having a bucket list.

Having a bucket list is important because it’ll help keep your spirit of adventure going. Just having the list itself is great because, through it, you are keeping your goals and dreams alive.

Our life can be short or may belong, I don’t know but it’s fun to make every moment joyful so that we live a healthy and happier life. I don’t think it’s important to count how many moments are there in our life. I think it’s important to see how much we live in each moment.

Adventure is the key.

Successful lives grow out of successful adventures. The adventure of your life is so important that it demands the best of your attention, and most of your energies, daily, so that it can be lived well.

For Bhavika, the skydiving experience may be just another tick on the bucket list — or even more — but for me, it’s a whole new opportunity to look at life differently, and share it to the world. For me, it’s about the honor of knowing a person who follows her heart and dares to even follow it; in this one life. She’s a messenger who’s here to teach us to listen to our hearts.

The heart is on the left but always right.

Come one, take control of your life, stand up, and run. It’s your turn to live your life the way you want it. Live your life and make it a true story. There’s only one life and if the picture of Bhavika doesn’t excite or inspire you to go for an adventure, you’re probably dead.

Don’t waste it.

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