The Next Generation of Soulful Singing

I’m a hardcore music lover and enjoyer of live music performances. There was a time when I used to visit every restaurant in Mumbai that had live music. My all-time favorite was a restaurant named Golden Chariot near the domestic airport.

The restaurant had live music on weekends. I and my friends sued to visit there every weekend for many years before it shut down. The ambiance was heart capturing and mainly because of the singer Rishab Rana.

He, along with his team, sang beautiful songs; mainly ghazal. When he used to sing, the entire restaurant would come to a standstill. His voice had magic that brought me to listen to him again and again. Each of his songs would attract a thunder of applause from the guests.

Then one day, the restaurant shut down and I lost track of him. I miss the good old days of musical evenings and that space is still empty. However, I had his phone number and we connected a few days ago in a live performance organized by my friend. I shared his contact.

I was cheerful to see him sing again!

He sang some popular songs and the audience was mesmerized. Some even suggested that his voice is something like the voice of maestro Jagjit Singh. Although there can’t be anyone like Jagjit, his voice has a beautiful texture.

We enjoyed the event till midnight and he shared a video from his upcoming private album. Listen to this song.

I’ve heard it 100 times!

For years we have had many soulful voices. Many soulful singers are no longer with us but his voice is a fresh-new hope for music lovers.

I wish that his magical journey of soulful singing continues to win the hearts of millions across the globe.

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