The Bold and Beautiful Angel From Planet Love

Here’s another story out of my bag. This one is of a phenomenal, pious soul traveling since eons to spread joy, compassion, and love — and now in the form of a human named Ritika Arya.

You can find several articles about her on the internet but I want to take the opportunity to write about her in my words. Words may never be able to describe what she is and does and so, many have tried using their art and craft of using the entire English dictionary to paint her image; in their words.

What I’m going to do is different and this is a dangerous step. I’m trying to attempt something that has not been attempted before. To write about an angel, a bold and beautiful one is a dangerous and courageous task.

One hand is a being, feeble like me and another hand is this monolithic personality; famous in her circle, popular on social media, etc. But, I’m Agastya, the doer of impossible, and I know that impossible says I M POSSIBLE.

I don’t remember when and where I met her for the first time but whenever I get an opportunity to meet her — which is rare, like once in thousand years — I feel that I’ve known her through various births. Meeting her is like a near-death experience because everything unpleasant in me dies. What’s left is true, everlasting love. And love.

ritika dance.jpg

At a physical level, she’s the founder of Young Innovators Foundation, visiting faculty at Symbiosis International University, mentor at Prahlad Kakar School of Branding and Entrepreneurship, program director at Unleash and so much. I’ve got no clue. She’s like a banyan tree with her roots are everywhere.

She’s one of the prestigious Ashoka Indian Fellows and recipients of the 2009 Staples Ashoka Youth Social Entrepreneur Achievement Award. She also received the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women Fellowship, 2009-10 for her work. She has spoken at many events; including several TED Talks.

At a metaphysical level, she’s a seeker, a traveler, a change-maker, a lover, a ladder, an innovator, a motivator, an orator, a giver, a healer, and a protector. She’s always on a quest to explore her innate elements that shine. She’s one mad one I’ve seen after me and Hemang, and in her words:

Be crazy and you’ll remain sane; be sane and you’ll surely go crazy.

It’s raining heavily today and as I write this blog post I’m reminded of the moment that inspired her journey into this madness of love, service, compassion, and kindness.

It was 2005 there was a deadly flood in Mumbai. Like most of the city, she was stranded and scared. A lot of people helped her reach home that day, and the entire incident got her thinking about how she could also help people. This incident got her to volunteer and start doing something for society.

After that, there was no stop to her madness of giving back to society and she’s getting better and better at it. I’m afraid that with this speed, she might become another Goddess of this deity hungry country.


I always look forward to meeting and learn from her but she never has the time. I too never push her and she once complimented me for this attitude. She said that it’s very comfortable to talk to me. Maybe, this is because I never chase her and respect her priorities that are obviously more important than meeting a psychosomatic-addict-insane man.

And guess what, she doesn’t know this, but we share the same college in Mumbai.

It’s a fabulous concept and she’s seeking our support. In a nutshell, she’s one of those rare humans — युगपुरुष — who comes once in a way and has a rich heart full of love, love, and love.

I hope to meet her again, one day.

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