He Saw MAINE PYAR KIA 50 Times to Win a Challenge!

In 1989, Hindi film Maine Pyar Kia became a rage. The film is counted among the top 10 successful films of India.


I was in school and we had this crazy challenge of watching the film the maximum number of times in a row. This fad was all around. I watched it 25 times.

Montu watched it 50 times.

Can you believe it? Believe it or not but he did it.

Mayak Raval alias Montu is my childhood friend from Ahmedabad. He’s one of those crazy friends on my list who can do anything for love — the love of films and sports.

He was staying with us in Mumbai for some years and he went to his hometown for a while. We used to communicate with each other about the score and one day he came back and said he watched the film 50 times in a row!

He won and I lost.

That means he watched it every day for many days and he also produced the theater tickets.

I ain’t sure it was he who saw the film or he got a ticket collected but somehow I still believe him.

We used to do these mad things in childhood.

I miss those days.

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