Mind Is Your Greatest Power, Use It Well

कहती है ये नज़र, कब क्या होगा किधर |
दुनिया मैं चंद लोग, होते है जादूगर |

This couplet from Hindi film Apna Desh tells about people who are a magician in real life. These are simple people who are around you but you don’t even know their magical presence. They transform the world into a beautiful place.

Such is one of my mentors from Mumbai. He’s Sunil Parekh.


Sunil is a mind power expert, transformation leader, motivator, philanthropist, and human potential coach. And these are just some of his achievements in life.

I met him around 2007-2008 when I was working in an animation studio. He was our COO. A humble man for a COO. I’d never heard or seen a COO before and meeting one was a grand experience. It has become memorable.

As a COO, he was extremely modest to understand the challenges of artists and always took front-seat to support our cause. but, he has this spiritual and human side that no one from us knew. He was interested in empowering humans by using the power of the mind. I remember having brief discussions about the mind as I also was quite interested in the subject.

One fine day, he announced a brief workshop for interested people. It was about realizing the power of our minds. Some of us volunteered and that was a life-changing experience. We ate fire, walked n glass, and lifted a fat man with one finger. He made us aware of the potential our mind has; as no one did before.

I think, soon, he realized his calling and left the organization to pursue coaching full-time. He’s now is the Founder and CEO at RISE Academy that provides education about the mind, and how to use it well to create health, wealth, and happiness.


He has created a radical workshop. After he left the animation studio, I also took a 4-year-long sabbatical and experienced many such worships by different coaches in India. But there’s no one like Sunil.

No one.

And I bet if there might come one so simple, clear and humane.

He’s one of the magicians of this universe who makes the world a better place to live in. He does a lot of community service worships with various private and public organizations; including defense and civil forces.


His workshop for their inmates across India is exclusive. I have been there personally and have seen them crying. He creates hope and a sense of atonement in them like no one.

He has magic.

If you don’t believe me, go to his YouTube channel and see the testimonial videos of hundreds of people across the globe.

Sunil strongly believes that almost all the problems arise from the mind and it the mind can be trained or cured, everything can be fine. His academy provides free workshops for the community and in case you need such a workshop in your office or school or college or housing society kindly connect him through the RISE Facebook page.

My salute to this man and I’m sure with such people like him; the renaissance of peace is around the corner.

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