The Boss Who Never Was

Hey, don't call me sir, my name is Arish. You can call me that. These are the first words I heard from this man on my first day of job in the animation studio I worked for 10 years. Man, those were the days. Past glory but it was for real. I was damn excited because it was a Hollywood … Continue reading The Boss Who Never Was

The Only OSCAR WINNER From My Facebook Friend List

Only a few are lucky enough. I believe in the above quote to a great extent. Not everyone has the combination of talent, opportunity, hard-work, and luck. But Provash Paul really does. I met Provash while working in the animation studio I worked for 10 years.  He was in the modeling department. He was kick-ass at his art … Continue reading The Only OSCAR WINNER From My Facebook Friend List

The Laughing Buddha—Reincarnated, Remixed

This story isn't a simple and short one.  It actually started in circa 500 BC with the birth of Prince Siddhartha. Most of us know about the journey of this prince who left his luxurious life in quest of existence, to find the root of misery and to discover the root of true, ultimate happiness. … Continue reading The Laughing Buddha—Reincarnated, Remixed