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हरे कृष्णा !

I was greeted by each other in Govardhan Eco-Village, a marvel made in a village in Maharashtra. This place belongs to ISKCON for whom I was working on an audio-visual project.

I met Swami Radhavallabh Das on the campus who was our project manager from ISKCON. I always get amazed whenever I meet this man. He’s such a cool dude. An IITan by academics and then did Ph.D. in God knows what, and later turned into spirituality.

I went there assuming that I’m the only creative person on the block but was surprised that he was one such man too. He knew the technical jargon, process, and application of the audio-visual medium. This took my breath away!

He lives in a small hut in the village, the hut that is made by heaven directly and spends the day teaching holy scriptures to the devotees; most of them are foreigners. He’s also a very learned man and we spend quite a time discussing Bhagavad Gita. While, the shoot, he told me so many things about the wisdom of eating habits and the science of spiritual food.

If you’re inspired to meet him, visit the ISKCON temple in south Mumbai and just ask for the creative swami — RVD.

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