Little Mehek’s Magical Birthday Party Gave Me Many Memorable Gifts!

I consider myself extremely fortunate to have been surrounded by loving friends — old and new. One of them invited me to her daughter’s 10th birthday party. Actually, let me confess, I was self-invited.

This friend is a special one because we were school-mates, and we met recently after 22 years of sweet-bitter separation. I spoke to her daughter a few days ago and I was planning to go to the party right from the time I self-invited myself.

The location was far from my place but somehow, I trusted the universe to make it happen, and it did. I was under tremendous work pressure so I thought to take the shortest route; by local train.

Local trains in Mumbai are tougher than going to Mars; in the evenings. Hence, I attempted to catch a train in the afternoon. Although I’ve lived all my life in Mumbai, for the first time, I traveled this route. It wasn’t less than playing rugby as the train was 30 minutes late. But somehow, I managed to reach the venue.


The celebration was planned in a beautiful restaurant. There were balloons, lights, cold drinks, pizzas, masks and a lot of children. The birthday girl — Mehek — wore a beautiful golden dress like Queen Clarion. I’ve worked for Disney for a few years and for me whenever a girl looks cute, I think of Tinkerbell and other fairies in the story. I could also see the pixie dust coming out from her radiant dress.

Little Mehek is a vibrant child with the cutest smile I’ve ever seen in life. She talks so fluently with children of all ages. I gave her a joy-jar for this occasion and she seemed to be quite excited about the concept.


I even met my friend’s husband and her mother. Her husband is a seasoned professional from the advertising industry and a great orator. We spoke for almost an hour!

It was little Mehek’s birthday but looks like I got more than I gave. Although, there’s no balance sheet that I’ve got to tally but my asset side— my gifts — is heavy.


I took the road not taken, I met a golden fairy who was emitting pixie dust for real, I met my old school friend again, I met a great orator who took my breath away, and I received so much love from the entire family.

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