The Rainbow Seller

कहती है ये नज़र, कब क्या होगा किधर. दुनिया में चंद लोग, होते है जादुगर |

When I was in school, I use to hear the song of a Hindi film. What it means is that no one knows what’s going to happen because few people in this world are a magician.

This lyric has always lured me to find such people and I’ve met some real-life magicians. Mohammed Fariyad Ansari was one of them. His balloons immediately caught my attention among the crowd of dead-black-and-white people.

I sell rainbows.

His quote took my breath away. But, what a beautiful and दमदार way to put up his job. He believes that children love the colorful world of rainbows and he uses his balloons to create a metaphor though it and creates magic in their world.

This is something I wanted. So, I bought one of his colorful balloons and started talking to him about his whereabouts, etc. He said that he lived far in the northern part of Mumbai and travels long distances every day to sell the balloons.

The business isn’t good and he was quite worried because this fun stuff is losing its importance in today’s metrosexual world. But he was happy about the project and expressed his gratitude towards it. He added that no one has ever talked to him about the way I did. This is the greatest accolade I can get in my life.

I loved balloons as a child and it still entices me. I’m glad that our world has such magicians around who have a different way of looking at things and make the world a merry place to live in.

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