Lessons From the Indian Globetrotter

The world is a book and he who doesn’t travel only reads one page. This popular quote — from I don't know who — always ignites my heart. It makes me think again and again. As a child, I used to dream of traveling to far away places. I'd this plastic globe kept in a … Continue reading Lessons From the Indian Globetrotter

Arey Dikra, Let’s PARSI!

Percy, Pearl, Monaaz, Tinaaz, Zarin, Behram, Khusham, Minoo, Dinaz, Golom, Meher, Shireen, Natasha, Delna, Oorvazi, Nainaz, Zubin, Kaizad, Yezdi, Dinyar, Arish and all such names are ringing in my head since morning! Why? Today is Persian new year. As I raised my hands to wish my Parsi friends, on social media, I'd a better idea. … Continue reading Arey Dikra, Let’s PARSI!

The Never-ending Ghazal Wave of India

Ghazal is a form of poetry. It’s my favorite and I remember listening to this poetry form since my childhood; thanks to my father. A ghazal may be understood as a poetic expression of both the pain of loss or separation and the beauty of love; despite that pain. But a ghazal has several facets and has … Continue reading The Never-ending Ghazal Wave of India

The Man With a Deadly Combination of Goodness

In 2000, I started my career as a junior computer graphic artist in a small but popular film studio; in Mumbai. I was hardly 21; naive, dumb, and half-mad. Where's Bunty?He's in smoke. This is the first conversation I heard on the first day of my job; offered by the HOD of computer graphic and … Continue reading The Man With a Deadly Combination of Goodness

One Man, Four Facets

This is the story of a four-in-one man named Leon Periera from the heritage Christian village of Kurla, Mumbai. Leon was my classmate in HCHS. We'd good times together but after school, we never met until we created a school WhatsApp group; 22 years later. After we met recently, I came to know so many … Continue reading One Man, Four Facets

The Owner of the Pride Of Mumbai

The other day I visited a cafe, the famous Cafe Mondegar in Mumbai. After having a light breakfast, I slipped out while saying my customary THANK YOU to everyone. I said the same words to an old man sitting right in the corner and we had a short conversation. Who are you saying, uncle? I'm NOT an uncle?Sorry, Thank you, … Continue reading The Owner of the Pride Of Mumbai