This Man Built The First PC Of The 21st Century

Yes, you’re right, he’s the man who built the first personal computer of the 21st century. But you have to patient to read this article to understand the real fact.

Tabrez Balbbale is my schoolmate from Mumbai. He’s a computer geek; then and now. I was in my final year of college—in 2000—when I wanted to have my own personal computer to learn computer graphics. And he was the man who assembled a personal AMD computer for me in that year.

Technically, personal computers were assembled many years ago but my universe started when he built one for me in 2000. I cannot forget the joy that this machine brought into my life. Before this, I had just pressed a few buttons on a personal computer that belonged to my friend but his art and craft transformed my life with the start of the 21st century.

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