First Boss Is Like First Love

I was in junior college — in 1996 — and decided to do a summer internship somewhere. I didn’t have any contact but my elder brother referred me to his friend. I got lucky; was immediately taken up for the job.

The job was in a shop called Taurus Motors near my home and Saket Singh, the owner and partner became my first boss. My job was at the sales counter.  

I was in love with my job. Boss was very considerate and has an open mindset. There was also Mukesh Varma, his partner, who was on the front. Both mentored me with the work.  I loved to make a code of the selling price and stick it on each product.

Times were good. Boss was a master in his craft and was quite chilled. I still remember he gave away his blue Maruti van for a few days for my sister’s wedding.

I haven’t seen such kindness to date. It was then, I put my hands for the first, and last, time on the steering wheel. I can’t forget any moment from the one-month internship I’d there and one day, suddenly, he handed me INR 1,200 for the hard work. I wasn’t expecting it but he insisted that I keep it.

Dipudi, keep it!

My pet name is Dipu and he used to call me by a twisted version. This was also my first salary. I’d many bosses after that but like first love, the first boss is always unforgettable.

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