42 Underrated Attractions Of Mumbai

Mumbai may be the commercial capital of the country, but it doesn’t just draw business travelers. Hordes of tourists flock to this city to marvel at its skyscrapers and admire its magnificent historic monuments. Mumbai has a lot to offer, beyond the usual tourist attractions, so the next time you are in the city, dig … Continue reading 42 Underrated Attractions Of Mumbai

At 83, This Man Younger Than Most Of Us

Friendship doesn't see border, culture, caste, creed, race, gender and age. I am a witness to all of it and this time, especially with age. It's not usual for me to connect with someone so elder to me. But it happened; somehow. Maybe there's a divine design. Maybe there's something else. Maybe, there's nothing. Whatever, … Continue reading At 83, This Man Younger Than Most Of Us