कुछ आंसूं जो बहे नहीं | कुछ दर्द जो कहें नहीं | सुनाते है कहानी, कहानी बड़ी है निर्मम | अगर दिल में धड़कन बाकी है तो सुनना | अगर इंसानियत में लगन बाकी है तो सुनना | अगर थोड़ी मजाल बाकी है तो सुनना | कहानी बड़ी है निर्मम, अगर कुछ सवाल बाकी है … Continue reading निर्मम

Tips For Riding The Mumbai Local Train

Mumbai’s local railway is called the lifeline of the city. Trains can get so overcrowded during peak hours that it becomes almost impossible to board the train. But over the years, I have collected some tips that will help you conquer this monster. Actually, it isn't the train that is a monster but the people are. They … Continue reading Tips For Riding The Mumbai Local Train

Childhood Games: A Trip Down The Memory Lane

Childhood was the best part of life and childhood games were the most games; at least for most of us. I grew up in Mumbai and played a lot of outdoor and indoor games as a child. I remember doing more than two dozen outdoor and indoor activities, other than cricket, football, badminton or hockey. … Continue reading Childhood Games: A Trip Down The Memory Lane

Mosquito, Not Human Is The Deadliest Animal

Humans have inhabited the planet only a few million years ago. Mosquitoes have killed way more species than humans. Humans are just the most vulnerable animal not the deadliest. What makes mosquitoes so dangerous? They carry devastating diseases. The worst is malaria, which kills more than 600,000 people every year; another 200 million cases incapacitate … Continue reading Mosquito, Not Human Is The Deadliest Animal

Here’s How To Get WhatsApp Stickers On Your Android Phone

WhatsApp Stickers is the latest feature from the Facebook-owned app and while it has been an instant hit among Android and iOS users, the stickers allow users to send special stickers within their chats in order to express themselves in a better way. I have an Android phone so in this blog post, I'll share the … Continue reading Here’s How To Get WhatsApp Stickers On Your Android Phone

The Man With A Lost Origin

In India, there is a typical tradition to ask people about their place of origin when we meet. Where is your native place? Everyone has an origin within the country but I am an odd one out. I don't have an origin in India; all the past glory is lost. Sometimes, I feel like no … Continue reading The Man With A Lost Origin

Diwali: The Festival Of Prosperity, Wisdom, And Lights

Diwali is a Hindu festival of lights, which is celebrated every autumn in the northern hemisphere. It's a national festival that is enjoyed by most Indians regardless of faith. What is Diwali? It's one of the most popular festivals of Hinduism, Diwali symbolizes the spiritual victory of light over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance. During the … Continue reading Diwali: The Festival Of Prosperity, Wisdom, And Lights

Statue Of Unity: India Gets World’s Tallest Statue

The Statue of Unity is a monument dedicated to Indian independence movement leader Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, the Iron Man of India and is located on the river island called Sadhu Bet facing the Narmada Dam near Rajpipla in the Indian state of Gujarat. Who was Sardar Patel? The one who won over British leaders in the movement of Kheda and Bardoli, Sardar Patel was … Continue reading Statue Of Unity: India Gets World’s Tallest Statue

Mumbai Police: 100 Calls To 100 With 100% Result

I am fortunate to live in Mumbai that is—in my view—the best police in India. With the motto TO PROTECT THE GOOD AND DESTROY THE EVIL, the Mumbai Police has always come to my rescue in times of distress. PS: This blog post is based on my personal experience. You may have a different experience … Continue reading Mumbai Police: 100 Calls To 100 With 100% Result

लौट आया है हिंदी पल्प फिक्शन

७०-८०-९० का दशक बड़ा ही रोचक था | केबल टीवी के पहले अख़बार और किताबें ही एक भारतीय का ज्ञान और मनोरंजन का ज़रिया था | हर रेलवे स्टेशन पे व्हीलर की दूकान हर तरह की किताबों का अड्डा था | ये किताबें अपनी सस्ते कागज़, कातिल तस्वीरें, अजब-गजब नाम और सस्ते दामों की वजह … Continue reading लौट आया है हिंदी पल्प फिक्शन

Hindi Pulp Fiction Is Back With A Twist

The 70s-80s-90s were a whirlwind time. Before cable television, newspapers and physical books were still what most Indians looked to for information and entertainment. At railways stations, the AH Wheeler stall was a prominent point where one could buy all sorts of books; especially Hindi pulp fiction. These books with their low-quality paper, striking graphics, … Continue reading Hindi Pulp Fiction Is Back With A Twist

Time-Banking: A Form Of Alternative Currency

If you're living in one of the developing countries or not so developed countries, time-banking might be a fresh new concept for you. Is it? I don't know about you but I came to know about it in 2013. I was doing some soul-searching in a hermitage when some people from developed foreign countries told … Continue reading Time-Banking: A Form Of Alternative Currency

The Legend Of The Mumbai DANCE-BARS

2005 came as a major blow to an entire industry in the sin-city of India—Mumbai. The state government banned dance bars in the city. However, in 2015, by public demand and dance-bar owners, the ban was partially removed. The dancers, some of whom once earned six-figure sums every month and led lavish lifestyles, became domestic … Continue reading The Legend Of The Mumbai DANCE-BARS

The Circle Of Life

First, my dear friend, listen to this beautiful song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GibiNy4d4gc Whenever I listen to this song, I think about MTNL that is the biggest public telecommunications service, provider. The company had a monopoly in Mumbai and New Delhi until 1992 when the telecom sector was opened to other service providers. Those were the days. Flashback! I remember getting a … Continue reading The Circle Of Life

Nature Is Screaming, Are You Listening?

This year, many parts of India are severely affected by floods. But if you observe closely, every year the story is almost the same. Across the globe, countries are facing natural calamities; especially flood. Flood is an overflow of a huge amount of water covering large areas causing destruction at the places affected. Many regions … Continue reading Nature Is Screaming, Are You Listening?

Arey Dikra, Let’s PARSI!

Percy, Pearl, Monaaz, Tinaaz, Zarin, Behram, Khusham, Minoo, Dinaz, Golom, Meher, Shireen, Natasha Delna, Oorvazi, Nainaz, Zubin, Kaizad, Yezdi, Dinyar, Arish and all such names are ringing in my head since morning! Why? Today is Persian new year. As I raised my hands to wish my Parsi friends, on social media, I had a better … Continue reading Arey Dikra, Let’s PARSI!

On 72nd Independence Day, We Made THANK YOU Cards For Indian Army

They gave their tomorrow for our today. Our army is on duty round the clock to protect and serve us. Nothing can repay them but a little bit of gratitude its good for payback. With this spirit, we made hundreds of THANK YOU cards for our brave soldiers with the support of friends and SOMEONE … Continue reading On 72nd Independence Day, We Made THANK YOU Cards For Indian Army

Which Generation Are You?

A common source of confusion when labeling generations are their age. Generational cohorts are defined—loosely—by birth year, not current age. The reason is simple—as people age, they change life stages. For example, a member of Generation X who turned 18 in 1998 would now be nearly 40. In that time, he or she cares about vastly … Continue reading Which Generation Are You?

Ever Wondered What It’s Like Inside A Brothel?

A brothel is a horrible place where men can spend a little money for a few minutes of sex, that will scar a woman for a lifetime. For decades, more than one million girls are enslaved in brothels throughout the world. They're enticed, deceived or kidnapped by traffickers and forced to work in red-light districts. Sex … Continue reading Ever Wondered What It’s Like Inside A Brothel?

Get Ready For A Tech Revolution called POP

I was born in 1979. I am fortunate to have witnessed several technological breakthroughs in life—color TV, VCR, walkman, cassette players, telephone, pager, desktop computers, mobile phone etc. Then came the 21st century and internet turned it around for us in India. As a child, I used to write letters to my penpals across India … Continue reading Get Ready For A Tech Revolution called POP

The Neverending Ghazal Wave Of India

Ghazal is a form of poetry. It's my favorite and I remember listening to this poetry form since my childhood; thanks to my father. A ghazal may be understood as a poetic expression of both the pain of loss or separation and the beauty of love; in spite of that pain. But a ghazal has several … Continue reading The Neverending Ghazal Wave Of India

What Does HORN OK PLEASE Mean?

HORN OK PLEASE is a phrase commonly painted on commercial vehicles like trucks, in India. The purpose of the phrase is to alert a driver of a vehicle approaching from behind to sound the horn in case they wish to overtake. But unfortunately, no one knows the real meaning behind it and drivers keep painting it … Continue reading What Does HORN OK PLEASE Mean?

Union Of The Masters

From the moment I saw this picture on the Twitter account of HH Dalai Lama, I am lost in the world of unlimited joy. This is a classic frame—both masters in one. HH is a reservoir of compassion, peace, and unlimited happiness, while Sachin Tendulkar brings a smile, joy, and a sense of pride in … Continue reading Union Of The Masters

जाति कौनसी है ?

I had an interesting conversation with a man who was helping me to find an address. He was keen to find out my caste. कहाँ के रहने वाले हो ? भारत । भारत के तो नहीं लगते। ये तेज, ये स्टाइल तो भारत का नहीं लगता । ना जी । यही का हूँ—मुंबई का । … Continue reading जाति कौनसी है ?

Never Touch LOVE PILLS Unless You Really Want To Get High

Ecstasy is often called the love pills because it heightens perceptions of color and sound and supposedly amplifies sensations when one touches or caresses another, particularly during sex. Blue Dolphin. White Mercedes. Green Star. Purple Transformer. White Rolex. These are just some of the names of these pills. But these pills often contain hallucinogens, which … Continue reading Never Touch LOVE PILLS Unless You Really Want To Get High

Hot Wheel Of Memories

I loved Hot Wheels as a child. I guess, all the kids 1980s or 1990s had the same feeling. I remember that I used to get one—from mother—each time I passed a school examination. I used to play with them for hours together and still have most of them with me. I was such a passionate car-monger … Continue reading Hot Wheel Of Memories

The Case Of The Date-Rape Drug

A date-rape drug also referred to as a predator drug, is any drug that is an incapacitating agent which, when administered to another person, incapacitates the person and renders them vulnerable to a drug-facilitated sexual assault; including rape. One of the most common types is those in which a victim consumes a recreational drug such … Continue reading The Case Of The Date-Rape Drug

Rape: The Culture, Blame Game, And Silence

Recently, there was a horrible incident of a rape in India. Rape—physical and mental—have been going around in the world since time immemorial. The whole social media of India is busy ranting about these rapes. People are busy blaming the government, rapists, new age,  media, society, and even God. I am silent. I am don’t … Continue reading Rape: The Culture, Blame Game, And Silence

God Is Not In A Pill

College life was fun—friends, ocean, lust, fun, music, and a lot of intoxicants. And all this was bound by a common thread of a deep thirst of exploration. Back in the 1990s, drugs were sprawling in Mumbai. Psychedelic drugs were a rage. Although, it was only a privilege for the rich because of the high … Continue reading God Is Not In A Pill


The most damaging phrase in the language is—it’s always been done that way. Grace Hopper A group of scientists placed five monkeys in a cage, and in the middle, a ladder with bananas on top. Every time a monkey went up the ladder, the scientists soaked the rest of the monkeys with cold water. After … Continue reading The 5 MONKEYS AND A LADDER Experiment

I Invite You To Like My Facebook Page

You all have given me unprecedented support in following my blog but I am getting a little greedy and requesting you to like my Facebook page as well. Your ONE like will be valuable for me. Plus, I promise more interesting content and updates on the page. You can see the link of my page on … Continue reading I Invite You To Like My Facebook Page

Is Google Better Than Guru?

It's a question that always haunts me. I am fortunate to have born in this era where I have sources of information, knowledge, and wisdom. I have Guru and I have Google. Google is an unmatched source of information and knowledge; no doubt about it. One can find answers to almost all the questions in … Continue reading Is Google Better Than Guru?

HBD Buddha! But When Were You Really Born?

Why are you playing such loud music? We're celebrating our festival? Nice. Please tell me about it. It's our God's birthday. Who is your God? Buddha. But Buddha doesn't believe or preach in a personal God, as per my little knowledge? What? What do you mean by that? Forget it. But what are you celebrating? … Continue reading HBD Buddha! But When Were You Really Born?

Mumbai On Fire

Friends, don’t worry. There’s stressful peace in the Mumbai city. Everything is fine. I am alive. Everything is fine. Only a few people were dead, few got hurt, some public property was burnt, business is on a halt, transportation is closed. Everything is fine. Today, my city will be closed but the red-light area won’t … Continue reading Mumbai On Fire

मुंबई बंद

यारों, चिंता ना करो | मुंबई में तनावपूर्ण शांति है | हाल-चाल ठीक-ठाक है, सब कुछ ठीक-ठाक है | मैं जिंदा हूँ और टाइगर भी | हाल-चाल ठीक-ठाक है, सब कुछ ठीक-ठाक है | कुछ माल जला, कुछ लोग मारें, कुछ परेशान हुए, धंदा ठप्प है - बाकी सब ठीक-ठाक है | हाल-चाल ठीक-ठाक है, … Continue reading मुंबई बंद

Prisoners Need Reform Not Punishment

Our Father of Nation—Mahatma Gandhi—believed in reform not punishment and with this philosophy, Additional Director General (Prison) Bhushankumar Upadhyay and Jail Superintendent U.T. Pawar organized a workshop in the largest prison of South Asia—Yerwada Central Jail, Pune. When one commits a mistake in life, one has to pay a big cost for it. But it’s … Continue reading Prisoners Need Reform Not Punishment

Are Participants Of Bigg Boss Really Insane?

I am a big fan of Bigg Boss for some years. Not that I am a sadist but this show is really entertaining and a useful lesson for a student of psychology; like me. A friend recently told me she doesn't like to watch this because she thinks that only insane people take part in … Continue reading Are Participants Of Bigg Boss Really Insane?

If You Are Looking For That One Act Of Kindness That Will Go Far, Read On!

Kindness is one of the seven virtues. It can be defined as the righteous and caring attitude towards other. But the definition of the kindness does not limit to these two words only. It's a complex term to comprehend yet simplest to realize. Showing kindness towards others gives a feeling of joy and mirth to … Continue reading If You Are Looking For That One Act Of Kindness That Will Go Far, Read On!

Triple Talaq—The Cult Of Instant Divorce In Islam

Recently, India's top court banned the controversial law that allowed Muslim men to end the marriage by uttering talaq— Arabic word for divorce—three times. But what is this cult of instant divorce? A triple talaq is a form of Islamic divorce which has been used by Muslims in India. It allows any Muslim man to legally divorce his wife … Continue reading Triple Talaq—The Cult Of Instant Divorce In Islam

Objects In The Rear View Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear

I am a low-impact traveling freak and usually; I love to travel in train. This article is based on one of my travel experiences in north India. Bihar is a beautiful region in our country. It's full of contrast—a blend of loving and notorious people. As per the legend, if you're traveling across that region … Continue reading Objects In The Rear View Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear

Regressive Topic Of Fairness In A Progressive Time

Every year, I see hundreds of advertisements that sell the idea of fairness. I don't know how fair it is in the 21st century but I surely know that it's a symbol of a regressive society that we're still holding onto. I think it's a dirty communication to the women.  I mean, these advertisements clearly … Continue reading Regressive Topic Of Fairness In A Progressive Time

The Will Of A Dying Tree

This photograph by an alert citizen—Abhay Azad—is haunting me. As soon as I saw this photograph, I rushed to the venue to meet this tree. My parents left us without any will and I know how difficult the life ahead is without a will. The photograph of this half-cut tree has many meanings for me—vulgar … Continue reading The Will Of A Dying Tree


Paan is the pride of India—the favorite food after food. It's beautiful in colors and delicious in taste. It's a culture and is available in many sizes, tastes and the cost also vary. One vendor sells it for Rupees 1,000. It contains thin leaves of silver and gold. That's really insane but people are crazy … Continue reading Paan-Parade!

Bombay Vs. Mumbai

We're talking about two names of the same city. A city that has gone metamorphoses like none other. From a separate group of seven islands to one of the biggest cities in the world, this city has seen it all, shown it all. In 1782, a colonial project united all the seven islands into one, … Continue reading Bombay Vs. Mumbai

The Flag Code Of India

The Indian flag code is a set of laws that govern the usage of the Flag of India. The Bureau of Indian Standards is the authority which governs and enforces the manufacture and correct usage of the flag according to the certain standards issued in three sets of documents. The standards were created in 1968 … Continue reading The Flag Code Of India

Moments At The Hotel Taj Mahal Palace

I was born in a lower-middle-class family who settled in Mumbai; after the partition of united India. Belonging to this social class has always been a blend of boon and curse for me. There was always anxiety, excitement, awe, fear, and so many emotions; especially in my early years. There were dreams, aspirations, etc. and one … Continue reading Moments At The Hotel Taj Mahal Palace

God Is Watching Us—From A Distance

I experienced a moment of enlightenment while listening to one song of artist Bette Milder. I have heard it 100 times before but never realized that it has such a beautiful meaning. And it's so much relevant in today's time. We break traffic rules, litter, tell lies, speak ill about others, contribute to corruption, destroy the … Continue reading God Is Watching Us—From A Distance

First Class Loneliness

I was traveling to CST by train one day and I saw this beautiful scene. My hand automatically went towards the camera to take capture this moment. It's a moment of irony, loneliness, pain, madness and so many other emotions that no one, other than the man himself, knows about. I don't know what happened … Continue reading First Class Loneliness

Science And Psychology Of Color

What is color? Color is the aspect of things that is caused by differing qualities of light being reflected or emitted by them. To see color, you have to have light. When light hits objects, some of the wavelengths are absorbed and some are reflected, depending on the materials in the object. The reflected wavelengths … Continue reading Science And Psychology Of Color

Meeting A Living Legend—A Dream Come True

I have always been an ardent fan of ghazal since my childhood. I have heard many but one song that takes my breath away is Chitra Singh. This legendary singer has been in my joy, pain, love, hate, stress, relaxation—in every moment, every emotion. She used to sing with her husband Jagjit Singh and they … Continue reading Meeting A Living Legend—A Dream Come True

Colors Of Mumbai

The city has become an angry young man. Tired of the way things are, we are ready to stand up against the problems and make a change. We want to bring back what was once a beautiful city. Because it’s our city! Mamhai-Manbai-Mayambu-Mombaim-Mombayn-Mumbai-Boa-Baim-BomVida-BomBahai-Bombaii-Bombayim-Bombeye-Boon Bay--Bambai-Bombay-Mumbai. All of them!

Does Pure Vegetarianism Really Exist?

I don't understand when people say that I am pure vegetarian. How can one be that today? Just a random thought. Vegetarianism is not just eating plants but it's more of a mental lifestyle. It implies non-killing and non-violence but how? We kill millions of insects by calling them pest that comes to eat our … Continue reading Does Pure Vegetarianism Really Exist?

Photography: The Art Of Seeing

I usually travel by public transport nowadays. I don’t remember what bus I took the other day and as I entered the bus this historic scene looted my heart. I was a beautiful scene of an array of persons sitting one after the other. They looked like the queue of little children who assemble to … Continue reading Photography: The Art Of Seeing

Hindi-Urdu: A Subconscious Tale Of Unity

We’re consciously and continuously fighting over belief systems, color, caste, creed, race etc. but seldom have we realized that there is a third side to all of the rage – language. Our daily bunch of words that we use share so much of brotherhood, unity or togetherness. How you ever even thought about it? Maybe … Continue reading Hindi-Urdu: A Subconscious Tale Of Unity