Global Pilgrim

Here’s the story of my mentor Yogesh Mathuria, from Mumbai, with whom I walked 300 plus km for peace. I walked with him for 20 days; without any money. Isn’t this awesome?

He’s not an ordinary man! He’s an angel in disguise, a messiah of the peace who has completed walking more than 10,000+ km during 2013 and 2017. He’s on a mission to promote peace — inner and outer and intends to walk around the globe to share his message of love, friendship, and world peace.

His inspiration injected him when he was a child and met Satish Kumar who walked from India to America, without money. The message was the same — peace. He has a strong impression of this journey on his heart and wanted to experience this himself. But, who knew that the dream would come so true, one day.

After graduation, he served the Information Industry for many years, working on strategic positions in giant software companies. This was the time of the IT boom in India. He was a frequent traveler between India and the US for projects.

No time, lots of money on. All work no play made Jack a dull boy, and this was our young Indian man. He has to pay a price. The price was that he lost his wife to the scariest devil of all times—cancer.

There has to be a problem with medical science if it can’t treat it.

And with this in mind, he quit his vibrant career to research on alternative healing techniques. He’d traveled more than 25 countries and had collected information on alternative healing techniques from each land.

He compiled all of them and crafted a holistic treatment center in Mumbai. In Wellness Lounge there’s a treatment for diabetes and cancer without any medicine. There’re lots of amazing never-heard healing techniques like Ho’oponopono from Hawaii.

He’s a strong believer of border-less world and promoter of world peace. He has decided to walk across Indian borders to spread the message of love and peace, year after year.

He’s a staunch believer of Lord Shiva so much that he has named his home — Shiva’s Adobe. And guess what? He’s supported by his two daughters who are similarly wonderful like him and not forgetting his father, who’s an Osho saint. I’ve met him; he’s a man of wisdom and silence.

The path he’s walking on is the path of the fire. It requires strong determination and a physically fit body; apart from a patriotic mindset. I wish him all the success in life, wherever he goes and have promised myself to be a part of his peace pilgrimage, as and when possible. I strongly believe that only love can conquer hatred.

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