Meet the Man Who Inspired a Spark That Ignited Countless Hearts

I completed school in 1995 and since then wasn’t much in touch with any schoolmates. This was keeping me unhappy for many years.

I’m an extremely social person and over the years also managed to build good relationships with all from the days of past glory; except schoolmates. So, I’d been thinking about ways to begin and connect.

Luckily, technology came to the rescue.

One day, while doing time-pass in a mall, I met my old schoolmate Saquib Kazi. It wasn’t less than a divine design that I met him while thinking about connecting with schoolmates. We talked a lot that day and eventually, we agreed to do something to bring all our schoolmates together under one roof. Technology, like WhatsApp, was available but one more technology — heart-to-heart communication — was available.

Our meeting inspired to such an extent that I immediately created a WhatsApp group to collect all schoolmates.

Little acts of kindness can go far.

This little act of kindness by the universe created a spark in us to create a universe that not only brought many schoolmates together but has also touched their hearts. Everyone is in so much joy that there are hundreds of messages each day — no forwards, only pure conversations.

I owe Saquib a piece of my heart and sincere gratitude to inspire us to come together for a lovely time in this life.

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