She Has a Charming Smile, Roaring Laugh, and a Magical Hug

My hands are trembling while writing this blog post because the protagonist of this blog post is a multifaceted and colorful person. She’s one of the most inspiring, funniest, brave, and influential women I’ve met in my life. Neelima Desai is a complete package of life within herself and she’s one of my favorite schoolmates.


When I don’t know where to start, I do crazy things. And she’s one phenomenal woman who has no start and no end. She’s a circle, a complete human in my perspective. She works in the creative industry and has managed to put her left and right parts of the brain at work; in balance.

The story of our friendship goes back to secondary school when we weren’t friends. I used to be a pest in school; especially for the girls. I was completely out of mind that time — as compared to now — to the extent that I don’t remember having any female friend as such. But, Neelima and I were known to each other due to fortunate circumstances.

Cut to, light years after school we spoke to each other on phone. We got introduced on a WhatsApp group made to reunite all of us. Initially, I was scared to talk to her because of all pestering I did to her in school but I’d to forget and catch up. We spoke for almost an hour about past glory. She’d forgotten and forgiven all that had happened; with a roaring laugh at the end of every paragraph.

This requires a big heart.

We met earlier this year and she was the only one to come late at night just to spend a little time with old school friends; after all the family and professional responsibilities.

This requires a big heart.


Recently, we met — again — at our mega-reunion that she’d planned so beautifully. We went to a nice pub and danced till late at night with all the gang. The get-together was so beautifully planned and executed that it has become a lifetime memory. Not only this, she’s a fabulous dancer as well. She put the dance floor on fire with her moves; along with her dance partner Vinay Jain.

Believe me, the whole pub was only looking at them that night.

After the reunion was done, we met outside to bid farewell to each other. She wanted me to stay but I’d to rush home for personal reasons. She hugged me tightly.

That hug was one of the most magical hugs of my life. It filled me with endless joy and true, everlasting happiness. It conveyed a subliminal message of lifelong friendship and compassion.

The magical hug brought all the pieces of the past glory together and ignited a fire of pure divine longing.

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