You Should Be Saying ILU To More People, More Often

I love you. The most powerful word in the universe. The supreme mantra. We talk about it endlessly. We argue over when to say it, how to say it and if it was too early to say it. Love is not just assigned to one other human. Your love isn't just for the missing piece … Continue reading You Should Be Saying ILU To More People, More Often

Nope, Ignorance Is Not Bliss

Most of us question multiple times throughout schooling, if it's really necessary for us to learn and re-learn all of the same concepts over and over again. I am think like this as well. The truth is, we are never as smart as we think we are. We think we are so knowledgeable, but there's … Continue reading Nope, Ignorance Is Not Bliss

You Can Give Even If You Have Nothing

Don't say you have nothing to give someone in need. The greatest gifts have nothing to do with material things. The love you give, the hope you inspire, the time and helping hand you extend, the smile on your face—these are worth so much more. In fact, there's so much to give other than material things. … Continue reading You Can Give Even If You Have Nothing

The Psychology Of First Impression

This blog post in not my original idea. It was first suggested to me by my friend Shalini Menon who is a multi-talented woman, a mother, an actor and an entrepreneur. I might soon write a blog post on her—she's too good! We were talking about first impressions and got a carried away in a lot … Continue reading The Psychology Of First Impression

Death Can Be Beautiful

Although, the thought in this blog post belongs to me, the title was given by my dearest school friend Minu.  Some are really fortunate. They're born, and don't get old. Death takes them into its arms, hugs them tight before getting old. My sister-in-law was terminally ill and was brought back to home last night. … Continue reading Death Can Be Beautiful

The 3 Wise Monkeys Of Gandhi

The 3 wise monkeys, and the associated proverb, are known throughout Asia and in the Western world. The phrase see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil first emerged in Japan in the 17th century and was later adopted worldwide as a message of peace and tolerance due to Mahatma Gandhi's visual metaphor of … Continue reading The 3 Wise Monkeys Of Gandhi

What Is Pride? And Why It Maybe Dangerous?

This blog post is one of those ideas that keep creeping in my mad mind. I am not a learned man and so this may or maybe not be relevant for you at all, but do take a look at my perspective. Alright?! I love interrobang—it gives me so much freedom to express. But anyway, … Continue reading What Is Pride? And Why It Maybe Dangerous?

Lost About Your Purpose In Life? Read On

Do you have a sense of purpose? I had been after years for more than a decade and finally, I have made it; I think so at the moment. The goals that foster a sense of purpose are ones that can potentially change the lives of many; including yours. Indeed, a sense of purpose appears to … Continue reading Lost About Your Purpose In Life? Read On

Is Google Better Than Guru?

It's a question that always haunts me. I am fortunate to have born in this era where I have sources of information, knowledge and wisdom. I have Guru and I have Google. Google is unmatched source of information and knowledge; no doubt about it. One can find answers to almost all the questions in the … Continue reading Is Google Better Than Guru?