Life Is Too Simple, We Complicate It


Before we comprehend the simplicity of life let us understand our role in it. People are complicators; they convert simple things into something horribly complex and difficult to interpret.

The only reason we have something called sixth-sense is to complicate things. But then think about it, without making things complicated we might feel extremely dull and demotivated, and then there is no point in whatever we do. With that note, let’s get one thing straight; life is void, it has no meaning or purpose. You can live without making plans and without proving squat.

The perfectly sane way to lead life would be to accept its simplicity and enjoy every privilege dawned upon us humans. But that makes us a bunch of monkeys jumping around and doing nothing but enjoying life. If not for complications, we wouldn’t have gravity, airplanes, clothes, money, education, work, success, failure, love etc.

Life is too simple; we complicate it, and that’s what makes it more beautiful and purposeful.

A Different Perspective On Success

say no.jpg

I have been in pursuit of success and ultimate happiness for years. Worked hard, took the roller-coaster, traveled—in and out—and even took a 4-year sabbatical to explore myself and life.

Been there done that; almost.

To me the capacity to say I QUIT or NO is the measure of success. If you’re so free that you can drop anything that interferes with your joy and peace, you’re successful. For me, definition of success is to be free from what OTHER’S think, the agenda set by them.

Success for me is to do what I WANT and WHENEVER I WANT.

Life Hack: Welcome Suffering, Pain and Negativity In Your Life


I am 38 now and I had been reading and trying to understand the wisdom of life since a long time. I read quite a lot of ancient scriptures and books on various subjects; ranging from science to philosophy. I also went one step ahead to take a 4-year sabbatical to understand my self and life.

Every belief system has it’s own philosophy regarding leading a life but I like to find my own truth and live it.

I think there’s a lot of noise about suffering, pain and especially negativity. People are big on negativity stuff. They’re going crazy over it—abusing the word.

I feel that life is a random combination of everything—all the emotions and adjectives. Life doesn’t live in isolation or with a specific set of parameters.

I don’t think things ever get solved. They just come together for a while and fall back gain.

And it keeps happening.

Personal growth and realization comes from letting everything happen in your life. There has to be enough of grief- relief, misery-joy, suffering-happiness, negativity-positivity and all of that.

After all it’s about dualism.

Life is like a stick with two opposites. It looks opposite but is,  actually, complementary. One side can’t exist without other.


Suffering and pain comes from wishing things were different. But many a times they’re not. It’s not in our hand and if we believe in the concept of the supreme almighty, then surely it’s not in our hand.

It’s a divine design.

Accept and appreciate that someone supreme and better is guiding us. Be patient and give time—and universe—a chance.

मन का हो तो अच्छा है |
ना हो तो और अच्छा है |
Dr. Harivansh Rai Bachchan

Negativity comes as a friend or body-guard. It’s like the thorns below the roses. There’s nothing bad in it. Like there can be no light without darkness, there will be no positive without negative.

Negative also means empty and unless there is emptiness, there can’t be abundance. A good example is of zero.

If your bank balance is zero, you say I am in negative but at the back of mind, you always want more zeroes to be added after any digit. This zero is situational and temporary—as said above—and becomes negative and positive as per time and circumstances.

Suffering, pain and negativity are there for a reason.

Everything is for a reason.

Let the hard things in life break you, affect you and change you. Le the hard times inform you.

Let suffering, pain and negativity be your teacher. It will go ways once it has finished teaching you. All of it is here to teach us. It’s like a guest who has come in our home-sweet-home.

Welcome it. Serve it. Please it. Befriend it.

Who knows it may never come back? And you may have nothing in life, not even suffering, pain and negativity.

The secret of living a successful and prosperous life—as per my little understanding—is to accept and appreciate all that comes to you. After all everything is situational and temporary, says ancient wisdom.

Don’t run away from suffering, pain and negativity.  Don’t shut your doors for them.

What is the lesson in suffering? What is pain trying to tell you? What will you learn if you face negativity?

Learn from it.

Maybe, suffering, pain and negativity is the key to your problem; door to another dimension—the dimension to ultimate and everlasting happiness.


10 Reasons Why Love Is The Best Feeling In The World


Love makes you happy. Love makes you hopeful. Love makes you grateful.
Love makes you inspired. Love changes your life.

The first (and second and third) time I fell in love, it was unlike anything I had ever experienced. Having such strong feelings about another person shook me to my core. It made me re-evaluate my beliefs. I learned what it was like to really care about someone. Everything I had believed, everything I stood for, suddenly disappeared. I found a whole new world opened up for me.

I was no longer closed-minded. I became a yes person. I learned the meaning of never say never. I had a new outlook on life. Here are 10 reasons why being in love is the best feeling in the world.

  1. Love makes you feel invincible: Love makes you feel as if you can do anything. Your approach on life is brighter and happier. You have courage to do things you didn’t think you were able to do.
  2. Love gives you incredible inspiration: Being in love makes you feel inspired. It gives you a can-do attitude that you can approach anything, anywhere, anytime. Being in love gives you motivation. Your attitude is optimistic and always positive.
  3. Love makes you happy: When you’re in love, you’re blissfully happy all the time.
  4. Love makes you a hopeful romantic: Falling in love makes you a romantic. Love gives you hope that there is a perfect person out there for you.
  5. Love makes you eliminate your fear: Love makes you fearless. The things you used to fear disappear when you’re in love. You know you have your own personal cheerleader in your corner to help you with whatever is needed. You almost feel protected because you’re so happy.
  6. Love makes you be the best version of yourself: When you’re in love, you’re a better version of yourself. You’re nice to everyone, and you’re eternally thankful.
  7. Love makes you rich: Love makes you feel rich. You don’t stress about your finances or material things because you feel so blessed. You feel rich in a way that matters.
  8. Love puts you in a state of total confusion: Love makes you confused—it shakes you to your core and has you rethink your beliefs. Love is puzzling. It makes you marvel how you can care about someone so much. Love gives you a yearning—it makes you miss your significant other in ways you never knew possible.
  9. Love makes you selfless: Love makes you mad—literally. It encourages you to want to do things you aren’t used to doing. It makes you selfless in ways you didn’t know existed. You find yourself thinking about the needs of your partner before your own.
  10. Love makes you believe: Love makes you hopeful. It makes you believe in happily ever after. When you’re single, you wonder if you’re ever going to meet your soulmate. Love makes you know that is possible and when it happens it’s really, really amazing.


If God Is The Creator, I Have 3 Wishes For The Next Version Of Humankind


I always keep wondering who is the creator of this entire existence. I am not even sure if I’ll get an answer to this question but I have three wishes—for the next version of us—that I want to share with God—the most acceptable creator of the universe.

  1. First wish: Each of us gets two-three or multiple hearts so that, even if one or more break in love, there will be at least one or two in spare. Heartbreaks so cool and keep happening time-to-time.
  2. Second wish: Can there be an eraser that can erase the past as per our wish? Living in the past can be so dangerous and annoying.
  3. Third wish: You have given us hunger which is fine but don’t give stomach. The entire fight in the worlds is due to this sinful stomach. There should be some other way to silent the fire of hunger.

Although, I have managed to overcome all of the above three, it has taken me more than three decades to do so.

Not cool.

It will be really good if the creator can think of alternatives that can make humankind better, efficient and truly happy without having to undergo a long spiritual or inner journey like I did; which maybe not necessary at all.

There are many who are lucky to feel the opposite of me but, I still feel there are many-many like me who are not so fortunate enough, dear creator.

Where are you?

Are you even listening?

Prisoners Need Reform Not Punishment

Our Father of Nation—Mahatma Gandhi—believed in reform not punishment and with this philosophy, Additional Director General (Prison) Mr. Bhushankumar Upadhyay and Jail Superintendent Mr. U.T. Pawar organized a workshop in the largest prison of South Asia—Yerwada Central Jail, Pune.


When one commits a mistake in life, one has to pay a big cost for it. But it’s not the end of life, not even for the prisoners of jail. There is always a ray of hope to live a happy, positive and normal life– for them too. This was the overview of the program conducted by Mind Power Expert, Transformation Leader and Human Potential Expert Mr. Sunil Parekh of RISE Development Academy, Mumbai.

400 prisoners of Yerwada Central Jail attended this 4-hour mind power and life education workshop on 27th October this year.

No one is a born criminal but rather they develop this mindset due to their experiences and circumstances. Due to losing control of the mind at the spur of moment, one has to bear the consequences as per the law of the land; and that is usually a punishment in jail.

While serving in the jail, they lose all hope to live a happy, positive and normal life, but Mr. Parekh shared the technique to change their mindset by explaining them the powers of subconscious mind with lots of practical tools and techniques.

Through the visualization technique, they were taught to paint a positive picture of life after coming out of jail, so that it can manifest into a reality. Through affirmations, they were taught to believe that its possible for them to become a good citizen; again. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a very powerful tapping exercise on 9 meridian points of the body to heal any negative emotions, lessen mental and physical pain and bring about reform.

sunil parkeh in jail.jpg

Many prisoners cried during the EFT session. Though their minds have become negative, hopeless and their hearts is filled with guilt, anger, sadness, anxiety and fear of future, awareness of their potential and power of subconscious mind can enable them to live a happy, positive and normal life. Their past cannot be changed but a better future can be created by the making them realize their potential, support of the society and such noble initiatives.

This noble and unique program was made possible with genuine efforts of Dr. Datta Kohinkar, of Vishwashakti Foundation, Pune. He attended Mr. Parekh’s Mind Power Unlimited program and came up with this noble thought of sharing this valuable knowledge with prisoners of Yerwada Central Jail.

This noble and genuine effort of Mr. Parekh will be of great help to this neglected segment of the society and will realize the philosophy of our Father of Nation.



Saying ‘May God Bless You’ May Be One Of The Many Dangers Of Doubt


In this blog post, I am trying to explore something unusual and this may only relate to people who are believers in God; public or personal.

Quiet often we hear words like “may God bless you” or “may this festival bring light and happiness in your life.” My question of, why this element of “may”? Why this doubt?

Let’s understand the definition of the word may. The word means expressing a possibility or speculation. Hence, by saying “may God bless you” world mean that we’re expressing a possibility that God may bless the other person. But this is not true, and as per my limited knowledge, God has blessed everyone already in different ways and by adding a doubt element, we’re doubting the supreme.


I agree that it’s colloquial these days to say such things because everyone else is saying this. But to do something that everyone else is good? Is doubting God good? Let’s explore this through my perspective:

Is doubt a sin?

Yes. Doubt is an expression of our weak belief and a manifestation of our lack of faith. Of all the sins we can commit, doubt is the one most hated by God. Doubt is not natural, it is a function of our fallen sinful state. We were created to trust God and cast our hope on God. Doubt springs from pride and forgetfulness, it grows in isolation from God, and it ultimately will drive us to seek what we need from someone/thing other than God.

Doubt is rooted in our failure to accurately understand who God is. God properly apprehended removes doubt. There are really two kinds of doubt; emotional doubt and intellectual doubt.

Emotional doubt is and can be experienced by believers and followers of God. When we are motivated by fear for anything other than God, we allow doubt to take over. When this happens, our only response should be one of repentance, and reorientation toward God.

Intellectual doubt is less common, and more dangerous than emotional doubt.; being faced with the command of God and failing to follow the command because of your own reasoned disbelief. It is not reaction out of fear, but rather the fruit of a proud heart. When this happens absent repentance, the consequences are dire and permanent. The only hope for this doubter is a grace given radical understanding of who they are in relation to God.

Doubt is deadly when it is uncontested and given in to. There is no room for doubt in our pursuit of God. But doubt does happen. When doubt creeps in and begins to crowd out our view of God we begin to sink. Doubt leads to death when people choose to place their faith in any alternative other than God.

God—our hope—is calling out to us and when we have faith we can walk through the greatest storm; and even if we doubt, we must repent and cry out to God, and God will be faithful to take hold of our hand and save us.