Meet the Gurus of Peace From India

It's a lovely Sunday morning. It's raining heavily and my area is submerged. I'm too. The only difference is that area is submerged in water and I'm submerged in love, kindness, compassion, gratitude, and blessings of great mentors. As I talk about mentors, two names immediately come up in my mind — Jayesh Patel and … Continue reading Meet the Gurus of Peace From India

Global Pilgrim

Here's the story of my mentor Yogesh Mathuria, from Mumbai, with whom I walked 300 plus km for peace. I walked with him for 20 days; without any money. Isn’t this awesome? He’s not an ordinary man! He’s an angel in disguise, a messiah of the peace who has completed walking more than 10,000+ km during … Continue reading Global Pilgrim