The Terminator From BMC

All my life, I’ve seen these men carrying their bazooka and spraying some chemicals in the localities. It has been a very enticing story that I never explored. But, I did it some days ago and have tried to capture this story in modest words.

I waited for this man for an hour and finally found him through the jungle of white-grey smoke that was all around the society I live in. The whole area was smelling, actually good. So, I finally caught him and requested to share his wonderful story with me. At first, he was quite confused and resistant but later he agreed happily to share his story.

His name was Suresh Ahire and he works in the pest control department of BMC. But what was interesting was that he was a hardware technician before but he quit the job in the greed of a government job that paid him a little bit more in money and lots in other perks and this way he also has earned social respect within his family and friend circle. He also explained to me all about his gun and how it works and what all in it can terminate.

He was very excited because no one had ever talked to him like that before and advised me to take up a government job in life — I think, for him, it’s the key for success but what he doesn’t know is that whenever I find the key to success, someone changes the lock.

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