One Man, Four Facets

This is the story of a four-in-one man named Leon Periera from the heritage Christian village of Kurla, Mumbai.

Leon was my classmate in HCHS. We’d good times together but after school, we never met until we created a school WhatsApp group; 22 years later.

After we met recently, I came to know so many new things about him. He has transformed into a beautiful human being; not just a human doing.

Previously, he was damn good at sports and music but he’s a multifaceted person now. He’s a private DJ to Soap Queen of Indian entertainment and manages all her parties — always surrounded by Bollywood celebrities.


He lives in this heritage villa that is actually a home-cum-garden-cum-zoo. There are so many cute little animals and flowers in his place. It’s just a retreat for someone who visits his place and is a nature lover. One can find a rare variety of flowers in his garden.


He doesn’t drink alcohol but he’ll welcome you with the best spirits in town. I asked him about this strange thing but he said that he left in school; apparently, the time when others started.

What a macho-man!

He does sort of business to run the family. I don’t know exactly what he does but he’s always traveling. His family is also sweet; with wife and two little angel-cum-monster kids; Arel and Adelia. They’re damn cute and naughty.

leon and family.jpg

Leon has an inspiring tale. He’s made it till here with pure dedication, honestly and mainly retaining all the fun.

His philosophy — NEVER POSTPONE JOY!

He’s also a secret philanthropist. In fact, he never told me this but it came out while meeting at my home. He wanted me to share some of his resources to the economically disadvantaged section of the society, especially students.

He has a big heart, too big.

Although I may never be able to explore the depths of this phenomenal friend, people like him give me another reason to rejoice this beautiful life. With people like him, I’m sure, the renaissance of peace is just around the corner.

Leon is a businessman by the head, DJ by hand, an environmentalist by heart, and philanthropist by the soul.

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