This Cute Santa Gives Irrespective of Christmas

In 2000, I started my career as a junior computer graphic artist in a small but popular film studio; in Mumbai. I was hardly 21; naive, dumb, and half-mad. The atmosphere was quite lively; songs and songs in all the rooms of the studio. The studio made a lot of promotional videos for upcoming Bollywood films.

I was new in the studio and inquisitive as always, and I used to peek inside the rooms to check what’s going on. One voice welcomed me.

Hey, come on in.

I was thrilled as Amit Rane invited me into his darkroom. He was editing something on his desk and allowed me to sit next to him and see the magic; that he was creating. He’s the first video editor I’ve met in my life. There was some magic between us and we immediately connected.

We used to eat lunch together and share our lives. I’d just started writing poems and he happily became one of the first audiences of my attempt in writing. I was also learning the art and craft of drinking and he became my constant companion; along with few others from the studio.

Those were the days!

Amit is a man with an extremely warm and sensitive heart. He’s always friendly and treats all his friends equally despite becoming a successful media professional. This isn’t an easy task, my friends. It’s difficult to be humble all through.

My first studio gave me many magical moments and one of those was meeting this man. I think we’d similar stories in life to resonate.

I have many fond memoirs from him as a gift.

Times have changed now but we connect with the same spirit as we did many years ago. I’m always looking forward to meeting this Santa who only gives and gives; irrespective of Christmas.

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