43 Underrated Attractions of Mumbai

Mumbai may be the commercial capital of the country, but it doesn’t just draw business travelers. Hordes of tourists flock to this city to marvel at its skyscrapers and admire its magnificent historic monuments. Mumbai has a lot to offer, beyond the usual tourist attractions, so the next time you are in the city, dig … Continue reading 43 Underrated Attractions of Mumbai

Iranian Al Pacino

Welcome to my smoke parlor! I was just peeping into a shop to see the colorful waterpipe-smoke-giving ancient machine, commonly called a hookah. It was an ancient shop full of these hookahs and pipes and the owner was an amazing jolly good Iranian uncle named Ali Yezdi. I was very attracted to his charming persona and then … Continue reading Iranian Al Pacino

Bombay vs. Mumbai

We’re talking about two names of the same city. A city that has gone metamorphoses like none other. From a separate group of seven islands to one of the biggest cities in the world, this city has seen it all, shown it all. In 1782, a colonial project united all the seven islands into one, and in … Continue reading Bombay vs. Mumbai

Colors of Mumbai

The city has become an angry young man. Tired of the way things are, we are ready to stand up against the problems and make a change. We want to bring back what was once a beautiful city. Because it’s our city! Mamhai-Manbai-Mayambu-Mombaim-Mombayn-Mumbai-Boa-Baim-BomVida-BomBahai-Bombaii-Bombayim-Bombeye-Boon Bay–Bambai-Bombay-Mumbai. All of them.