Meet A Simple Man With a Master Plan

In 1995, Dr. Dre caste his spell with the song — who’s the man with a master plan? A nigga with a mother fucking gun. Gangsta rap was a rage and these lyrics got imprinted on my mind; it’s still there.

It was around the same time that I entered college life. My college was in the south of Mumbai. I spent the best 5 years of living here. Other than many things that set it apart from the rest of the colleges in the city, was the fact that few students came from the north of the city; especially from the suburb.

I was one of them.

I enjoyed this uniqueness for a while but as it’s said that birds of a feather flock together, I was keen on finding somewhere who came from my area. I clearly remember Nikhil Sheth was that someone.

I don’t blame him for this; at all!

I was quite happy to find this young-tall-simple-sober boy boarding the same train from the same railway station. I observed him for a few days and then we struck a conversation. It was a nice one. We discussed our location, classroom, interests, likes, dislikes, family, crush, love life, etc. Although he never told me about the last two — to date — we became good friends.

Nikhil was and is still a tall-simple-sober person — only that he’s not a boy and young anymore. Well, neither am I, as per the definition of youth — 18-24; as per the UN. He’s always been a spiritual and balanced person.

I remember getting into all of the stuff ones doesn’t want to get into college but he was aloof from all those bare necessities of crazy college life. He’s was focused on his studies and father’s business. Although, he was good at studies but remember taking lessons for him.

He’s also one of the first people who had a personal computer in his home and allowed me to use it. You might be laughing at this right now but a personal computer was a huge thing back in 1995 or so. Only the privileged and blessed could afford it, and he was one of them. Today, in 2018, I also have a personal computer in my home. I’m also privileged but he’s still privileged and blessed.

I remember going around in his old Fiat car; with mag-wheels. That was super fun!

After college, he joined his father’s business. He was quite clear on what he wanted and this is what I like the most. While many like me are still figuring out life at 40, he was quite clear on what has to be done in life.

In a nutshell, Nikhil is one of the simplest men I’ve come across in this life. And he also has a master plan; like that nigga.


His master plan is to spread the message of love and peace. I hope, I can learn from this great man. He’s a treasure of spiritual wisdom; although he rarely opens up the treasure because he’s quite busy at the moment.

All said and done, I’ll always be indebted to him because it was through him that I met my first love. She was a friend of her first cousin sister and it was my first encounter with two-sided love.

The first love didn’t last long but love continued. Credit goes to Nikhil; the messenger of love and peace.


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