I Couldn’t See the Light at the End Of Tunnel Until He Stepped Into My Life

I was working in an animation studio for 10 years and we were scheduled for a pipeline change. I was responsible for my department.

Can you believe it? Me!?

But it’s a truth. I was the leader of my department and we had to switch to new software for doing computer graphics. The new software was called Nuke and it came as a nuclear bomb in my life. I was using another software for so many years and this new software pulled me out of my comfort zone. I was liking the new software but couldn’t pick up much.

I was lost. I couldn’t see any light. I couldn’t see any tunnel also. That’s when Aditya Talwar came as an angel in my life.

He was working in another department that was already working on this software. We didn’t know each other well but I’d interacted with him before and I liked him. He’d just completed his studies from a reputed college in Canada and joined the studio.

I’d to ask for help and the universe chose him.

Thereafter, began a question-answer and teacher-student journey. Although I was much senior to him, he seemed to know so much that I didn’t. He was always available at one request to answer my question.

I cracked the software in a month but it can’t be without giving credit to Aditya. His kind and helpful attitude made me learn this new software and train others.

He’s also a great visual story-teller and one can easily believe after seeing some of his photographs.


I was in deep pleasure because I’d found a new coach and friend but the universe had a different plan. Aditya had accepted a much challenging and well-paying job in another studio.

He’d to leave. And I’d to live; without him.

We met some days before his exit from India and have never met or spoken to date. But, I’m quite sure that he’s offering his kindness and support to many needy like me. I’m sure that he’s showing light to many-many like me; wherever he’s at the moment.

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