I’m God!

This is a story, rather, one of my few stories with a female character in it. I don’t know why, somehow, no woman gives me her story but this one sure did. Although it was tough to get her ready for the photograph, I did it.

I found her ranting at the railway platform, to whom, I don’t know. I stood there to see if I can help. She looked like a vagabond with all those big beads garland around here and dressed in a typical Maharashtrian fashion.


I guess, she was very frustrated with the things happening in the city. People talking on the phone and pushing her, not letting her inside the compartment, the hypocrisy, and all those regular stuff that I’m frustrated about. This is the thing that attracted me to her. I was listening and responding to her calmly, and she was noticing my audience. She inquired about my audience.

I explained to her that I am a time-rich man and I like listening to people. She was immediately impressed by this answer and turned towards me. We started talking. Her name was Jayashree Yadav born in Mumbai, a long time ago. She was very right about the civic situation in the city and so I could relate to her.

She suddenly got very spiritual and started talking about the hypocrisy of people. She as very annoyed by the fact that the people don’t have respect for humans and then they go to temples and give a huge amount of donation.

मैं भगवन हूँ !

I’m God this is one of the most powerful statements I’ve ever heard from anyone in life. I was totally out of my mind and now, really wanted to know about her.

She told me about how often in our mythology God has come in disguised and observed people. She was a follower of one of the most popular spiritual leader and mystic Sai Baba. She told me how he died and people didn’t give him even a drop of water and now they donate millions of rupees in the temple.

I wanted to talk more but she wanted to aboard a train. I told her to tell me about her whereabouts but she didn’t tell me, rather she took my number and told me I’ll call you.

I touched her feet and she blessed me like a mother and granted me a boon to stay a time-rich man and listen to people. As the train came, there was a big rush to get in and throw people out. In all of this chaos, I lost her sight and she disappeared somewhere in the crowd. I never even got to say goodbye.

Who was she? Was she God in disguise? Does such a thing happen? But I’ll always remember her quote — God is in all of us.

I don’t know the answers, but all I know that I’m waiting for her call, someday I might get lucky and meet her again and tell her I’m God too!

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