Lessons From Lust

This image from the internet inspired me to write this blog post. It’s really strange — and beautiful — how certain images trigger different emotions is us. I'd been a lustful man all my life. The only aim was to have sexual intercourse with all the women I met; mostly on the first date. And guess … Continue reading Lessons From Lust

The Law of Attraction Was Working For 22 Years to Make Me Talk to Her

School years were my wonder years. So much fun and joy, selfless friends, and excitement to finish school to go to college. There are so many moments that I remember. There're so many friends, crushes, affairs, and mischief that I can’t forget. But I think what I now call crush or affairs were mainly likeness … Continue reading The Law of Attraction Was Working For 22 Years to Make Me Talk to Her

My First Flight as a Pilot

I found this in my housing society compound the other day. I couldn’t resist clicking a photograph of this. It took me 30 years behind in a time where I was the pilot of many such paper airplanes. All the childhood memories have flashed in front of me; like a film one after another. I … Continue reading My First Flight as a Pilot

Rural India’s Digital Leader

I visited a tribal school near my city lately. The visit was to support this marginalized and neglected community for digital literacy. I and few friends collected old laptops and we shared in a few schools in Karjat district — 2 hours from Mumbai. Our coordinator introduced us to Arjun Sakpal from a nearby village. He’s the man who … Continue reading Rural India’s Digital Leader

One Minute HERO: Street School Teacher

Afsana Parveen Shaikh runs a street school under a bridge. Every evening, she would feel disappointed by seeing children begging in front of her office. It disturbed her to an extent that she decided to quit her job as a merchandiser and take up teaching for these underprivileged kids, free of cost. She established Pehchaan School that … Continue reading One Minute HERO: Street School Teacher