The Modi, Who Is One of the Most Influential CFOs of India

I’d never heard the word CFO in my life till I met Dinesh Modi in the animation studio I worked in. It was somewhere in 2008-09 that this person joined and on inquiry, I discovered that he’s supposed to be the chief for the financial matters of the company.

I didn’t understand much about the CFO stuff but one day, after gathering a lot of courage to enter his cabin, I met him to welcome him and understand his nature of work.

I’d heard so many things from peers about the CFO position in a couple of days that I was almost terrified. But, a brief meeting with this man transformed all those false speculations into sweet-little memory that I can’t forget for a lifetime.

He made things so simple and spoke compassionately with me. He explained his role and offerings for the company and explained how things are going to be better through him.

He’s not in that company anymore but recently,  I spotted him in the news. He got an award for being one of the most influential CFO in India. 

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