King of Good Times

I was in Goa for an event and I met this man, who was the vendor of a big LED screen for the event. I like his profile and want to share his story.

Dean D’Souza is from South Goa. He’s a popular name in the event industry of Goa. Young, dashing Dean is also a wholesaler of alcohol. This is what made his story very appealing to me.

He was a jolly good fellow and that is why I kept such a title for this story. Every night, he used to, religiously, bring us little alcohol to drink mixed with some soft drink. He has such accurate knowledge about his stuff, man I was impressed.

He’s a millionaire with wallet, and heart both. One day he took me to show his 100+ year-old villa. It’s was an old Portuguese style villa in the heart of the city surrounded by a little garden. Then he took me his warehouse where he stocks the bottles. You name it and he has it. From local fenny to single malt whiskey, he’d it all.

Then, he shared his life story with me. He told me that he is a self-made man. Although he was from a very wealthy family, he never took any monetary favors from his millionaire parents. This touched my heart and really, he was a down to Earth person and the whole of the South Goa knows him well. He’s quite a celebrity there.

Dean, I can never forget you. You’re a true Goan dudealways helping, smiling, and living in good times.

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