Meet the Secret Superstar of My Life

Recently, I visited my school friend Bindhya Gupta to gift her daughter — Vidhi — a present for her birthday. The meeting was beautiful but I got to know a few things that I never knew about my school friend.

It all started with a conversation about my blog she likes my stuff and is a regular reader. After the conversation, she hit me with an interesting comment that was about to open a gate to another dimension.

Agastya, can I show you something?

Sure. What is it?

It’s my dairy.


I was damn excited to hear this.

She immediately ran inside her room and brought a diary out. She writes moments from her daily life. She writes about things that inspire her. She writes joyful and painful moments. She writes poems.

She writes beautiful things.

I never knew this. I only knew what she told. I never explored this side but my recent visit brought this secret out for good.


Bindhya is an excellent human and she works as a human resource personnel. Her daughter is really cute and she writes as well.


I call it genetic memory.

Both of them inspire me every day and both of them are extremely creative, and finally, I got to know the truth about a secret writer in her.

She’s a star.

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