The Strangest Question on Earth

Why are they selling roti here?

This is what he said when he went to a restaurant for the first time in his life. This is the line that has ripped my heart. It’s one of the most philosophical questions I’ve heard in my life. For me, this question has left behind the greatest philosophers of human civilization.

I met little Bhuria in a tribal village that isn’t even on the map of India. He is a young lad who knows nothing, absolutely nothing about the world outside his tribal village. The village mentor did an experiment and took few children outside the tribal area for the first time, and he took them to a restaurant.

He and other children had never seen such a thing called a restaurant and they were totally psyched out. In their village, the children go into any home and are offered unlimited food. The village works on community living system fondly called a gift economy.

Our little angel is an example of completely innocent being that exists in today’s world. He’s totally unaware of the outside world. He doesn’t know what is a country or planet but he knows to cook food, clean his utensils, cook for others, share, keep his land clean, and love his motherland.

There are thousands of wonderful questions floating in every field of studies but this question is something out of the world. Such innocence can only win the heart and create a new perspective in the heart that’s a contrast to the rat-race and consumerism we’re a victim of. It encourages me to think that where are heading by selling even basic necessities and needs of us humans.

I thank the almighty to have created such a clean and innocent being. He’s such a great teacher of innocence and unlearning.

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