Wild by Head, Wild by Heart and Wild by Hands

I’d been to South Africa to learn Wildlife Film-making in 2009. I was the first Indian to attend this prestigious program, and so I was kind of famous all through the program. But I never knew that I’d left such a deep impact on my professors that one day I got a call from her.

Ashwika Kapur called up one day to talk to me. She’d just completed the same program and returned to her home in India. She told me how the professors used to remember me for the naughty things I did.

Although I didn’t want to take up wildlife film-making as a career, she took it up as her profession. She went to New Zealand to study more and a whole new world opened up for her. She has received several accolades to date and she’s the youngest recipient of the popular Green Oscar.

She’s not only a phenomenal story-teller but also a good human being. I’ve only met her twice but she remains my inspiration to follow my passion and travel long distances to achieve the goal.

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