India’s New Superhero With Mental Superpowers

I met Mohit Rao some years back regarding a project which never turned into a reality. But something else happened. I came to know a peculiar human and I never knew such a human existed in India.

I’d read about various peculiar people from different countries but met someone who uses the power of the mind for the first time in Mumbai. He’s a mind expert and an entertainer.

What a deadly combination!


He has the ability to read your mind, control thoughts, and even influence decisions — a rare talent. He’s always doing radical shows in some country.


The corporate world loves him but the stock market is sacred to him. He’s known to have been the one to predict exact closing of the BSE Sensex on live national television.


I don’t who whether he has some special gifts or he’s the chosen one but he told me and my wife what’s going in our head as we were talking to him. One can find several articles about him on the internet but I consider myself fortunate to have met him in person.

I want to learn about his personal and private life. That would be interesting — this corporate show or stock market predictions doesn’t excite me much. He’s a man who can control his and other’s mind.

People might be really afraid of him. Some might even think that he’s unnatural or maybe an alien.

Life of a mentalist and clairvoyant is full of adventures and colors. I hope to meet him one more time and talk about the adventures he’s having in his life at the moment; including the expensive car he just bought!

There are many lessons to be learned from such men of pride and honor. For me, Mohit is really like one of the super-heroes out of the comic books that touch the heart. He has some crazy super-powers like all my favorite super-heroes!

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