Wise Man, Great VFX Artist, Hidden Singer

Jaykar Arudra is a popular name in the Indian VFX industry. Well, if you’re thinking that this article is about all the splendid work he does, you’re are not thinking differently.

This isn’t about him as we all know, rather it’s about this humble and hidden side I, and few, know. I’m a selfish man and all the articles on this blog are always about me — to an extent.


Other than doing VFX for many Hollywood and Bollywood films, he’s also a talented singer. And I was one the lucky ones to witness this while working with him in the early days of my struggle in Prana Studios.

We were a small team — I was the 21st employee. Jaykar had joined much earlier and one day, after the many days of working day and night, he invited me to his home to stay-over. I was excited and accepted the offer. That night was a night of magic.

I’ve got this habit of singing or listening to Hindi songs while drinking alcohol. We were having our stuff; although not sure if he was drinking alcohol or it as only me. He started singing a line from my favorite song.

I was mesmerized! He sounded exactly like maestro SP Balasubrahmanyam. He sang the full song and I was just listening to him like the faithful and hypnotized dog of HMV.

Very few people might know this of Jaykar but he has also won many singing competitions back in his hometown. I was the fortunate one to hear him one-to-one live and this is nothing less than a blessing for me. He’s a multi-talented man with secret talents that are yet to be explored.

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