At 83, This Man Younger Than Most of Us

Friendship doesn’t see border, culture, caste, creed, race, gender, and age. I am a witness to all of it and this time, especially with age.

It isn’t usual for me to connect with someone so elder to me. But it happened; somehow. Maybe there’s a divine design. Maybe there’s something else.

Maybe, there’s nothing.

Whatever, but I’d to tell this one — this story of Prabodh Godiwala who’s a usual man with unusual magic in him.

I don’t clearly remember how I met him but it was in connection with certain social causes I was working on my 4-year long sabbatical. We used to chat on Facebook and speak on the phone for a long time, until one day when he called me to his palatial home opposite the beautiful sea in Bandra.

I think what connected us was none other than the legend Jagjit Singh.

We both are an ardent fan of the legend; actually, he’s more than me and much senior in being a fan of the legend. He’s also written a book on the legend.

jagjit singh.jpg

Prabodh is one of the lucky ones who used to have Jagjit in his home on occasions. I wasn’t even fortunate to see him face-to-face.

Anyway, but this blog post isn’t about me.

Coming back to my friend, he has been a wise businessman all his life and also a photographer. He’s taken photographs — and autographs — of numerous media celebrities of his time.


He’s now happily retired and keeps him busy with photography and visiting his family across the globe.

I can’t forget the sunset I saw from him home.

That was the best sunset I’ve seen from a home in Mumbai. Sadly, the home is no more as he has sold it — at a fortune that was also in a newspaper — to fulfill his responsibility before going.

He’s a wise man and he wanted to clear off everything before his final journey. I’m surely taking this tip; although I don’t have a palatial home and children like him.

Anyway, but this blog post isn’t about me.


My new 83-year friend is always in a state of motion. There’s so much to learn from him; especially about wisdom, business, travel, and joy.

I don’t know if I’ll ever live to see 80 and even if I’ll, I ain’t sure if I’ll be able to think, move, and live like this man.

Prabodh is an inspiration to all of us. He’s the one man I can truly call healthy, wealthy, and wise.

4 thoughts on “At 83, This Man Younger Than Most of Us

      1. My school and dearest friend Vinoo Thakkar has commented after reading Agatsya’s blog.

        “Enjoyed reading Agastya Kapoor’s blog. It is true that
        Prabodh can connect with elders but more easily with younger ones with unusual magic and equally true that at 80 he is younger by heart than all Papa’s buddies.
        I admire and agree with his business acumen and photography. God bless him long and eventful life as usual”.

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