Angel in Disguise

In 2014, I was on a no-money walking pilgrimage with one of the designers of my life. I walked more than 300 kilometers from Ahmadabad to Udaipur; without any money on me. Isn’t that awesome!

On our journey, we had this middle-aged man with us — Vijai Yadav. Words can’t define this compassionate and kind man but I’ll try for sure. He hails from a city in north India. The city is called Johnpur, sorry it’s Jaunpur. I got confused with an English name for the city. How cool that would be though?!

He was like my friend, philosopher, and guide. On the very first day, after walking 30 km, I developed a few blisters under my feet. I was all messed up, couldn’t walk, and all those things. This man came to the rescue and at night, like a doctor, he cleaned up the blisters form and put a bandage on the blisters. It was a hard task but he did it and saved me from lots of pain.

There were so many instances in the way where he came to rescue. He was driving a vehicle that had all our stuff. He was so kind as to offer us lemon juice and food, from time to time. That had already won my heart but the real joy came to me when I realized that he is a poet too! OMG!

He never told this to anyone but we attended a small retreat where I was talking to him about my poems and flair for writing. That is the time he opened Pandora’s Box. After this, I ate his head completely all through the journey. We exchanged some wonderful poems in Hindi.

Friends, we sometimes met people whom we don’t know and they’re so kind to us, they get so connected with us like it’s like a relation from the previous life or something. We never met before but on the journey, we became soul mates and this is the magic of some people, some angels who come in disguise to love us and serve humanity.

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