Meet the Gurus of Peace From India

gurus of peace

It’s a lovely Sunday morning. It’s raining heavily and my area is submerged. I’m too. The only difference is that area is submerged in water and I’m submerged in love, kindness, compassion, gratitude, and blessings of great mentors.

As I talk about mentors, two names immediately come up in my mind — Jayesh Patel and Yogesh Mathuria. Both of them have a deep impact on my life. These two men are living legends. Both are examples of a great human that one can witness in this life.

Jayeshbhai has dedicated all his life to the issue of sanitation and runs his sanitation school next to Gandhi ashram. His father dedicated all his life to sanitation too. He’s such a humble man and an ocean of compassion.

Yogeshbhai is a corporate tycoon turned peace agent and healer. He’s a messenger of peace and does his regular walking pilgrimages to connect with rural India and spread love. I also got an opportunity to walk with him — that walk has changed the way I look at world and myself.

I’m submerged in the blessings of these mentors and lovers who designed my life. I’m grateful for life for giving me this opportunity in this life and I hope, I’ll also touch a billion hearts in this lifetime.

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