Meet the JUICE BARON From India

Fruits are the only nature gift we can eat naturally. Fruits have multi-benefits, like vitamins, fiber, minerals, antioxidants and may world is moving at fast speed then to ensures we cope up with this speed we provide nutrient and healthy products to the world.

Fruits are soldiers to prevent from illness naturally. It acts as a fast agent to improvise the function of our internal and external bodies.

With the above idea in mind — my friend Hemang Bhatt — founded the popular brand HAS in 2007. It’s one of the most successful brands in the food and beverage section in India. Since its inception, the brand has delighted more than 10 million customers — you’ll find an outlet in all shopping malls in Mumbai and other metropolitan cities.

He’s an entrepreneur, philanthropy, and socialist. The thing that excited me the most is that he’s always open to experiment and explore new ideas. He’s always ready to support social causes and we did a massive campaign together to share our gratitude to the Indian Army

We made people, from all his outlets, sign on pre-printed THANK YOU cards and sent to the army headquarters. The idea was mall but the ripples were big. He also got a phone call from the headquarter.

He’s not only making his brand famous in India but also collaborating with the global markets. Not only that the brand is delicious but the staff gets excellent training in salesmanship, communication, and soft skills. They’re always smiling and are encouraged to grow in life, not only as a good salesman or staff but also as a good human.

He’s one of the perfect examples of the leader of the Make In India movement. People like him always bring smiles to every face and make our nation proud.

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