I Found My Forgiveness After 25 Years of Disrespecting Her

As far as I remember, Almas is the only girl — after Tina and Leonie — I have troubled the most in school.

I was notorious and we used to sit together in standard seven; around 1991. I don’t know have happened and one day, I poked a sharp-pointed something in her arm. She cried and cried but I was indifferent. The teacher gave me punishment along with a direction to bring lots of chocolates for her next day.

Although I bought her chocolates the next day, the evil act didn’t t bother me for more than two decades until I went on an inner-journey in 2013.

I was on an introspection therapy and suddenly all my actions came in front of me like computer files. This one also came right in front of me, and I thought that I’d forgotten about the incident.

I cried a lot that night.

I wanted a remedy to get out of this pain I was feeling and my spiritual master directed me to go for a forgiveness therapy. I desperately wanted to ask for forgiveness but I had no clue about her whereabouts and I wasn’t active on social media then.

Lately, I became active in social media and put all my energy — and prayers to find her. The universe responded to my calling and I found her on Facebook.

With a lot of courage, I sent her a friend request. She accepted my request and I immediately asked for forgiveness for what I did to her in school. She was generous and forgave me.

Neither she nor I had forgotten the heinous moment.

Today, we’ve become good friends. I went to visit her the other day. She welcomed me with a warm hug. She’s a religious woman now and has no space for false ego.

Her eyes had joy in them.

We spoke for hours together with her daughter. She almost cried while talking about past glory. That is the time I realized the trauma she must have faced.


She still has the same calm, innocence, loving-kindness, and is a radiant persona as she was in school and I’m the same madman. But times have changed — there’s love all around.

I’ve got a strong sense of gratitude to these people because it’s radical in these days of madness, stress, and hypocrisy. This new friend is my teacher and I still feel so bad about hurting her; in some way or other.

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  1. How wonderfully you have written…..It feels good to know about this episode, the fact that you recalled this incident so many years after…..You felt bad about hurting someone…..Put effort in finding her. This is really sweet

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