A Guiding Star From the Days of Past Glory

2017 has been a year of action. A lot happened over coffee, tea, internet, and mainly WhatsApp; since we made a college group. Just in case you’re wondering which college?

The incredible Jai Hind College in SOBO; fondly and wrongly called the town!

I met many long-lost friends and made some new ones. There’re quite a few who I never met in college or I don’t remember our acquaintance clearly. Maybe, too much alcohol has eaten away my memory. Kindly stay from it.

I mean from memory, not alcohol.


Coming back to the point, Vipul Sanghvi is one man who has taken a special place since we have ganged-up through the digital conversations we have.

Although, he’s the one I don’t know much about, writing on him is a sheer joy because I love the unknown. Such people are my guiding spirit as they throw me in a deep challenge, and hence Vipul is probably the first person on whom I’m trying to write; without having much understanding about him.

But, you don’t need to know everything about a person, right? Sometimes, a few minutes of the meeting — physical or digital — is enough to get inspired.

The muse aka guiding the spirit of this story is a reservoir of joy. He’s always laughing and making others do the same. And believe me, this is an art and craft that few in this world possess.

He’s a magician. He has won my heart in no time.

The story started somewhere around 1995-2000 when we first met in college. I don’t remember many encounters but we knew each other. He told me that I was popular — I don’t for what?

I’m sure for some shitty things I did back then. We connected well in junior college. After that, I don’t know what happened and I’m quite sure that some devil in me must have caused this transformation.

Cut to — BTW, I still do shitty things!

I heard about this college WhatsApp and wanted to be a part of it; desperately. I’ve got a strong urge to stay connected with past glory, and college days were one of the finest years of my life — good college, good people; especially all those beautiful girls!

I can’t forget her. She was so…


Coming back to the main topic, I requested my friend Puneet many times and one fine day, I got added to the group. My joy was unlimited. I immediately sought for the administrator of the group and came to know that Vipul is one of them. I called him immediately and we spoke for a couple of minutes.

It’s been a year since I joined the gang; again, and this time is digital. We also had a reunion in 2017 where I was fortunate to meet him and other friends.

Vipul is an extremely busy man. The best part is I even don’t know what he does. I haven’t met him in two decades and so totally lost with his social, personal or private information.

Well, I don’t think anyone needs to know anyone’s private information, personal is little OK — like about family, work, etc. But thanks to social media, we can see everyone’s social life. I get to see some of these posts on Facebook; especially about family, general stuff, and his active life in the sports club.

Although we don’t get to interact much, I still make time and effort to stay active in our digital gang; but sometimes I’m ultra-active. That is the time he sets me straight. Actually, like a mad horse, I keep running in all directions and sometimes, need someone to hold my rein and make me aware of my madness.

I apologize but that’s how ultra-creative people are!

Mad, and fearless.

But I always listen to him. We don’t know each other and so there’s no point in judging or assuming things. I’m sure someday we’ll meet and get to know more about each other. BTW, we’re meeting again this year, as usual, he has organized everything with the co-administrator — Samir.

18 years after college has brought so many transformations in him, in me. The tapori, dumb, and pesky college student has now metamorphosed into a butterfly; or maybe something like it.

I’m talking about myself.

Alright, I apologize. Not butterfly, but I’m on my way for a metamorphosis.

There’s so much to know about each other. Every human is a living novel for me — so much to learn, so much to get inspired. I think I’m going to have to write a part two of this blog post because unless I write the real story of Vipul, this blog post won’t do justice.

Meanwhile, I offer my gratitude to this man who has become my muse, a guiding star, and opened a door of opportunities. I’m quite confident that I can write more and more on amazing humans;  even if I don’t know them well.

Deep down there’s one connection we all have. We all are humans and filled with loving-kindness. Vipul has just become a conduit to teach me this valuable lesson in life and has allowed me to dive into the world of unknown.

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