The Real Example of Being the Change

Some people in the world just discuss ideas, some discuss people who discuss ideas, some just dream for change, and some, only the blessed ones, be the change.

The hero of this blog post is one such blessed human.

I met Archis Bhide in 2001. We were working on the same project; in different departments. He was my senior and had a lot to offer — mentoring, conversations, booze, and hard-rock songs.

Jeez, you should have seen his collection of hard rock and heavy metal
songs. He had a hard-disk full of songs. The best one I remember is from Therion. That song is still ringing in my head after all these years.

We never met after that project until 2008 when we were back on a project, in different departments.

Then we again parted.

Archis is a free-bird; doesn’t like to sit on one branch. He’s an extremely talented artist and runs his own company along with his wife, whom he calls better-half but I like to call my wife equal-half.


But, this doesn’t make him special. There’s something much more about him that I collected from his social media conversations.

Apart from being an intellectual, he’s into a lot of community service — random acts of kindness.  I want to share an example.

He stands on the road, after leaving her daughter to school, and manages the traffic near the school.  Commuters — including parents — mess up on the road. The small lane is filled with vehicles on both sides, regardless of the road being one-way.

Sometimes he gets appreciated, sometimes he gets abused, I mean really. One can get abused for doing right or good job in India and get appreciated for doing a wrong or bad job. But I think that happens almost everywhere in the world.

Archis, nevertheless, he keeps doing his stuff, regardless of what people think and say. He’s determined to make this world a better place for his and other children — the future generation. I think we borrow the world from our future generation and it’s not alright to sit and just discuss. It’s important to act and enough of taali-and-gaali — it’s time to be the change!

I’m sure with such people like him; the renaissance of peace is around the corner. And if you happen to see him sometime play the civil-cop, please salute him!


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